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Plochman's yellow mustard and "crackbread."

I just got back from New Season's Market, which I went to because I'm running low on Plochman's yellow mustard (the only mustard I like), and that *was* the only store that carried it. But they don't carry it anymore. :-( It is a worrying trend: I look all over town for Plochman's yellow mustard, finally find it in some store I've never been to before, and after a few months, they no longer carry it. Luckily, though, this one guy who works there thinks he can order a case of 6 for me, and I can buy the case from them. Apparently, getting it by the case gets me a 10% discount, too. Won't know for sure until Thursday, though. If all else fails, I can always order it from Amazon.

While I was there, I browsed around. It's got a lot of organic foods, a little like Trader Joe's but they also carry regular store brands as well. And while I was browsing, I found something I have been looking for for years: the ever-elusive "crackbread"! For those who don't know, "crackbread" is what I call this bread that I used to get from Lilla and her mom, that makes the best damn toast in the whole universe. It got its name because it was so good I had 6 slices or more the first time I had any, it was so good. (And is best with real butter.) I've been trying for a year or two to find it, without luck, because I didn't know what kind of bread it was. Some breads, like French or Italian made and sliced in certain ways, came close, but none were what I sought. But I have found it at last: it is como bread! (And as much as I hate his music, calling it "Perry Como bread" will help me remember. *Starts chanting "Perry Como is high on crackbread"*) I wasn't sure until just now, when I toasted some up, and now I'm sure.

They also have lingonberry preserves, so now I have a place to get those other than Ikea; a place that takes food stamps. :-) So I have lost one reason to go to New Seasons Market, and gained two. (Well, unless I can find como bread somewhere else.)

I also got a couple lemon empanadas, to try them. It's some kind of pastry.

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