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My sleep schedule is so fvcked up.

My sleep schedule has been such a mess that I've been trying, for the last few days, to reset it. But I keep staying up too late (well past 4 AM, sometimes as late as 8 AM) from either computer or reading or both. Last night I managed to get to sleep around 6 AM and tried waking up at 1 PM. Managed it, but had to cancel my plans to go to Panera to do some writing because I felt groggy as hell and not very pleased. I stayed up a few hours before a headache started to form, which is when I said "Fuck it," took some pain reliever, and laid down again. Slept from around 4 PM til 40 after 6. Gods, this sucks. Why can't the world be on *my* schedule, or everything open 24/7? If I didn't have to worry about when things were open, I'd let my sleep schedule do whatever the fuck it wants.

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