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Writer's Block: Living in the limelight

Do you think parents should have the right to post public pictures and videos of their children on the Internet? Why or why not?
For the record, this question is stupid. Parents have the right to do with their kids' pictures as they like, assuming there is no abuse going on in the pictures. That said, I do object for various reasons to a couple things:

1. Endless streams of pictures of one's infant(s). Seriously, give it a rest already, no one gives a shit. You will not find a soul outside your family who gives even the tiniest particle of shit about seeing your infant or toddler. Infants all look alike unless they're related to you by blood; only then can you tell the difference. I'm serious! With a few exceptions, and ignoring skin color, all infants have the exact same face, and it is a hideous one. As to how blood relatives can tell the difference... I don't know how that shit works, it just does. Some kind of magic, I suspect. But I know it works, for a fact, because I can recognize baby pictures of myself and my sister.
Toddlers aren't much better; one toddler is much like any other toddler unless it's got most of the same genes you do.
Further, I cannot understand why people think infants and toddlers are cute. They aren't. They're ugly, helpless, they drool, they piss whenever and wherever, and they shit moldy Grey Poupon. They are not cute at all. Again, unless they're blood relatives. Then again, perhaps I'm just a mutant. Or perhaps my Otherkin status affects me. Ah'Koi Bahnis babies don't look like that coming out, and they can walk and talk within a few hours of being born.

2. Child beauty pageants. That shit should be illegal, I am not even joking. It's absolutely disgusting. Children do not need to be wearing makeup, and certainly not the gods-awful levels of makeup they put on kids at these pageant things. They put so much makeup on these kids that they no longer look human! Seriously, watch "Little Miss Sunshine" sometime, and when you get to the scenes where they're actually at the pageant, compare Olive to the other girls. The girls they had in those scenes were so horrifying I think I actually vomited a little in my mouth. This is supposed to make your kid prettier? I'm sorry, but it's doing the exact opposite: I've seen prettier turds coming out of my ass. I would rather look at pictures of gruesome crime scenes than at some of these beauty pageant kids.
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