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I think I'm in a reading cycle again at last.

I go in cycles, where reading is concerned. It's something I inherited from Mom. There's non-reading cycles, where I can't get interested in anything; and then there's reading cycles, where I read a lot. I think I'm finally coming out of a non-reading cycle and into a reading cycle. I've already read "Side Jobs" by Jim Butcher, "Guardian of the Isis Light" by Monica Hughes, and now I've gotten through re-reading 1/4th of Greg Bear's "Darwin's Radio" book. I plan to go on from there to re-read "Darwin's Children," then "Blood Music," both my Greg Bear. But before I do, I need to read "The guardian of Isis" by Monica Hughes. When I've read all these, I want to re-read "Invitation To The Game" by Monica Hughes, then read some books I bought at the local Border's before it went out of business: "Anacaona Golden Flower", "The Geography of Girlhood" by Kirsten Smith, and "Quofum" by Alan Dean Foster.

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