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This ever happen to you?

I frequently wake up with headaches and/or neckaches. I think I sleep incorrectly on it. Not sure. But it happens more often when I sleep too long. Ironically, I can also sleep off a headache. But that's not what I'm really asking about. Thing is, when I have a headache or a neckache, rich foods make me feel worse. I can eat fruits, veggies, even carbs just fine. But high-fat and/or high-protein meals are a big no-no for me. I don't get pukey or anything like that, I just feel even crappier than I did. Like, this morning I had this prepackaged thing from the Winco deli, chicken carbonara: Chicken, noodles, tomatoes, and (apparently) bacon in a cream sauce that only covered half the noodles. Total size, just a little bit bigger than my two fists. I get halfway through eating it, and felt so horrible I had to drink some juice to feel better. I struggled through the rest of the meal; it took me about 20 minutes longer to finish than usual. But then hours later, when the pain reliever has made the pain go away, I had a huge half a sub sandwich (seriously, this half a sandwich was a whole meal by itself), lots of meat and cheese, didn't feel bad at all from that.

And it's not just sometimes. If I'm in pain, I avoid rich foods because they always make me feel horrible. Too many times of eating fried chicken with a headache got me into that habit. I only ate the chicken carbonara because I thought it couldn't possibly be rich enough. Just some noodles, baked chicken, and a little cream sauce. I wonder if I'd have been alright if they hadn't put bacon on it.

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