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Freezing rain adventures

Today I went to the library to pick up a few things. Then I decided to go to Target and get a few things. The trip to Target was... interesting.

First, I was trying to decide whether to take the 15 or the MAX, when the 75 pulled in right as I got to the stop, so I took the 75 to get to the 15. Waited 17 minutes in the freezing cold, wind, and freezing rain, because the buses had/have chains on them because of the freezing rain, so they go slower. I finally get on the bus, and we go not even 10 blocks when we stop, because the bus driver has received instructions that the bus ahead of hers had slipped and was sideways across the road. Then the instruction thingy (or something) broke and she had to use her cell phone to call for more instructions. At first, they tried telling her to turn on 39th, and she had to tell them twice that we were already at 42nd. She finally got instructions, thankfully. We turned at 60th. She stopped before turning to let some people off, but as we turned some others rang the bell because apparently they were too speshul to pay attention to what had been going on. The way she'd been talking, you'd have to be deaf not to hear her even back in the back.

We headed... left... on 60th all the way down to Glisan. Twice more some idiots rang the bell. I wanted to turn around and scream, "STOP PULLING THE DAMN BELL! WE'RE ON A FUCKING DETOUR SO THIS ISN'T THE NORMAL ROUTE! SO STOP BEING IDIOTS!" But I didn't.

When we got to 82nd, something odd was happening on the part of Glisan ahead of us. There was a cop car, and for some reason he was lighting flares and putting them down on the road. About 10 blocks ahead were more cop lights. No idea what was going on there. It was only then that the bus driver got instructions that Trimet was switching to snow routes.

So we turned right on 82nd. One guy at a bus stop got pissy because he couldn't be arsed to read the bright red "line 15" on the bus, thinking we were a line 72 bus. We turned right on Washington, left on some other road, and left onto the normal route. *Sigh* Should have taken the MAX, I could have been to Target and back in the time it took me to just get there.

Made it to Target without falling on my ass. Got a hat that covers my ears (neither of my other hats does), a new scarf (I like my Slytherin scarf, but it's itchy), and some leather gloves (I am tired of getting cheap, crappy, too-thin mittens that fall apart way too quickly). I also got a few new pairs of pants, since they were on clearance for $5 each, and I need pants. Oh, and some milk.

Made it home fine, as well.

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