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From Twitter 12-31-2010

  • 02:35:35: Nichelle Nichols read for the part of Spock, and might have gotten the role. That's an alt universe set of DVDs I want!
  • 03:11:44: From Twitter 12-30-2010
  • 17:55:37: Today is the last day of Year of Our Lady of Discord 3176. Tomorrow will be Sweetmorn, day 1 of Chaos in the YOLD 3177! #DiscordianNewYear
  • 18:26:59: A Joke, Female sex ed. 3 boys received their grades from their female sex education instructor. 1 got a D+, d second a D- & the 3rd an F...
  • 18:28:35: "1 day we shld get her 4 this," said d 1st boy. " "I agree. We'll grab her" said d 2nd. "Yeah," said d 3rd. "Then we'll kick her in d nuts!"
  • 19:15:19:
  • 19:34:10: My full-spectrum bulbs came today. The light is so beautiful, I can't believe I ever used anything else.
  • 20:54:15: Review: "Keeper of the Isis Light" by Monica Hughes.
  • 20:55:39: I had to delete and repost that review because I forgot to do it from Dreamwidth.
  • 21:10:13: Anyone know what you're supposed to do with burnt out curly bulbs?
  • 21:11:57: I now have two full spectrum bulbs in use. One in the living room, one in the bedroom.
  • 21:14:10: I will give the apartment owners credit: every lightbulb in the place is one of those curly fluorescent bulbs.

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