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Poetry fishbowl now has poems to sponsor!

I wrote a bunch of poems today for my first poetry fishbowl, the theme of which is Weird Things (which you can still give me prompts for). There are three $5 poems and five $10 poems so far. Here's the list, if you see any you want to sponsor (that is, "give money to get it published"):

Poetry Fishbowl Poems that are written, awaiting sponsors. All have at least "weird things" as a theme, even if they don't say so:

"The Way The World Turns" - Themes/prompts: alien intelligences, differently civilized people. I like this one a lot! 16 lines, $5

"I'm Glad I'm Not A Giraffe" - Theme/prompts: giraffes. 12 lines, $5. SPONSORED: Click here to read it!

"Hooray and Hoorah!" - Themes/prompts: weird things, Chippendale acrobats in front of the pope. (Very bizarre.) 12 lines, $5

"Mother She Loves Us" - Themes/prompts: weird things, humans with inhuman intelligence, differently civilized people. 20 lines, $10

"The Many-Angled One" - Themes/prompts: tentacles, weird things, an invading species with no body. 28 lines, $10.

"The Baobab Tree" - Funny poem! I think Molly influenced this one. It's more like a song than a poem, too. Nice whimsical, playful attitude. This is my favorite of the lot. 20 lines, $10

"A Burning Love" - Themes/prompts: alien intelligences, it wasn't his heart she set on fire, the argonaut has a detachable penis. 20 lines, $10

"What Defines Sentience?" - Themes/prompts: alien intelligences, animal culture. 24 lines. $10

And here is the button to give me money! If you want (a) specific poem(s), you should tell me in the "comments to seller" area, or email me at telling me your username/PayPal name so I know who you are! That's so I can properly credit you as being a sponsor. :-) Funds donated with no specific poem specified will go into a general fund for everyone to later vote how it will be spent.

Anyway, here's that button:

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