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Poetry fishbowl now has poems to sponsor!

I wrote a bunch of poems today for my first poetry fishbowl, the theme of which is Weird Things (which you can still give me prompts for). There are three $5 poems and five $10 poems so far. Here's the list, if you see any you want to sponsor (that is, "give money to get it published"):

Poetry Fishbowl Poems that are written, awaiting sponsors. All have at least "weird things" as a theme, even if they don't say so:

"The Way The World Turns" - Themes/prompts: alien intelligences, differently civilized people. I like this one a lot! 16 lines, $5

"I'm Glad I'm Not A Giraffe" - Theme/prompts: giraffes. 12 lines, $5. SPONSORED: Click here to read it!

"Hooray and Hoorah!" - Themes/prompts: weird things, Chippendale acrobats in front of the pope. (Very bizarre.) 12 lines, $5

"Mother She Loves Us" - Themes/prompts: weird things, humans with inhuman intelligence, differently civilized people. 20 lines, $10

"The Many-Angled One" - Themes/prompts: tentacles, weird things, an invading species with no body. 28 lines, $10.

"The Baobab Tree" - Funny poem! I think Molly influenced this one. It's more like a song than a poem, too. Nice whimsical, playful attitude. This is my favorite of the lot. 20 lines, $10

"A Burning Love" - Themes/prompts: alien intelligences, it wasn't his heart she set on fire, the argonaut has a detachable penis. 20 lines, $10

"What Defines Sentience?" - Themes/prompts: alien intelligences, animal culture. 24 lines. $10

And here is the button to give me money! If you want (a) specific poem(s), you should tell me in the "comments to seller" area, or email me at fayanora@gmail.com telling me your username/PayPal name so I know who you are! That's so I can properly credit you as being a sponsor. :-) Funds donated with no specific poem specified will go into a general fund for everyone to later vote how it will be spent.

Anyway, here's that button:

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