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From Twitter 12-01-2010

  • 00:00:31: .@househesson Probably, but look at this one: "Hkoon vai-dæmahkrah paad Nah'kahsh'Tahg!" Hk is a throat-clearing sound...
  • 00:01:16: .@househesson ...and the T is hard T - like spitting the T out as though it were poison.
  • 00:02:24: .@househesson Oh, and R always rolls, like rrruffles have "rrridges."
  • 00:03:40: .@househesson "Eefk Tuh-nah'kahsh'Tahg thyii'bahHoi thrihk'nai'taHG!" HG is like the hk I mentioned earlier.
  • 00:04:45: .@househesson Capital H is also like hk.
  • 00:05:20: .@househesson Only, with HG, you have to not only throat-clear but make it have the g sound as well.
  • 00:05:56: .@househesson And I can't even get past "Eefk Tuh-nah'kahsh'Tahg"
  • 00:08:39: .@househesson Hmm... you seem to be right. Negarahn, with his accent, is managing it fairly well. Still stumbling a bit though.
  • 00:09:03: .@househesson Something about the way Duenicallo speak seems to make Dvencoilii easier for him.
  • 00:10:31: BTW, "Eefk Tuh-nah'kahsh'Tahg thyii'bahHoi thrihk'nai'taHG!" means "The Gods demand sacrifice!"
  • 00:11:03: And "Hkoon vai-dæmahkrah paad Nah'kahsh'Tahg!" means "I destroyed your God!" (A phrase I doubt they'd ever actually say.)
  • 00:11:55: There seems to be a poetic cadence to speaking Dvencoilii. Nifty.
  • 00:15:07: So, Negarahn is speaking Dvencoilii with deliberation and poetic cadence. Neat. Says to me that the Duenicallo think b4 speaking.
  • 00:16:46: Which also explains the instances when they use 1 to 3 words to say a whole lot more. I'm getting images of "hunting shorthand" words.
  • 00:18:10: Like, they have 2 different ways of speaking: shorthand for hunting & emergencies; deliberate sentences for conversation, etc.
  • 00:21:51: LOL! The slower, poetic Dvencoilii speech is called morHK'koylee, AKA "tree tongue," for when u r restful like a tree...
  • 00:22:44: ... and the shorthand is neHKrahn'koylee, AKA "run(ning)-tongue," for when you are in too much hurry for slow-speech, like running.
  • 00:27:46: "Pahg eefk pahkrah túk vahrrah vai-tuum, ung deh'hkrah gwai'aHK pahkrah koHK taak; hkeh nii'ehn tuum Hkoohn (cont)
  • 00:41:41: @WTFSexFacts I was bi before it was cool.
  • 00:48:52: RT @dcorsetto: Oh thank god it's a comic.
  • 01:08:00: @WTFSexFacts Sexuality is not a matter of choice.
  • 01:09:05: @WTFSexFacts I'm polyamorous, too, so it wouldn't bother me.
  • 01:10:50: @WTFSexFacts I personally don't care that you dumped him. If you can't tell the difference between a bisexual & a polyamorous person, fine.
  • 01:11:42: @WTFSexFacts The only thing I object to is 1. You keep feeding the trolls. 2. Some of your comments show a lot of ignorance and prejudice.
  • 01:12:41: @WTFSexFacts If your ex-boyfriend is bisexual, he is not necessarily polyamorous. Bisexuals are often monogamous, in fact.
  • 01:14:04: @WTFSexFacts Of all d people who should know that, u should. Do a lil research before you jump to conclusions or don't tweet from that acct.
  • 01:15:01: @WTFSexFacts When you first started tweeting about this, I was like "If you don't like bi guys, fine." Then you kept showing your ignorance.
  • 01:18:04: @WTFSexFacts So you've probably gone & hurt his feelings over your assumptions about bisexuals, assumptions which may not be true for him.
  • 01:19:58: @WTFSexFacts You say he admitted 2 being bi, but u didn't say he admitted to cheating. So unless he admitted 2 cheating, you're in the wrong
  • 01:32:50: @WTFSexFacts Ah, so you have to have sex to be heterosexual? So if you're into the opposite sex but are a virgin, what's that called, then?
  • 01:34:04: Grr... so annoyed. One of the tweeters at @WTFSexFacts is so bloody ignorant about sexuality, I wonder why she tweets there. So much fail.
  • 01:34:53: For instance, she seems to think all bisexuals are either doing it for attention or are polyamorous/chronic cheaters.
  • 01:35:20: Then, she thinks sexuality is a choice. And that it's defined by who you actually have sex with, ignoring virgins altogether.
  • 01:36:22: o_O? RT @WTFSexFacts: I want somebody who is thinking about having sex with one sex, because I know how to handle the competition.
  • 01:37:17: No idea how to respond to that one. I'd have an easier time responding if she'd said "The Earth is flat & ruled by sentient dinosaurs!"
  • 01:38:56: @CassieMcD No, actually, it's three different tweeters. One of them is a gay dude. The one doing today's fail is a woman.
  • 01:39:33: @WTFSexFacts If you're the one spewing so much ignorant fail, you should just give it to someone who actually knows things about sex.
  • 01:41:28: @CassieMcD Well whatever, just as long as the ignorant arse either does some research to combat his ignorance or stops tweeting.
  • 01:44:44: @WTFSexFacts I like the other tweeters on this account. I don't like you. So I say give it back to one of them.
  • 01:45:20: RT @CassieMcD I don't think it'll be the first one. A gay guy bashing bisexuals, if he doesn't already know it's wrong there's no hope 4 him
  • 01:45:39: @CassieMcD LOL, too true.
  • 01:47:18: @WTFSexFacts Thank goodness.
  • 01:47:46: Okay, so apparently it was a gay guy, not a woman. Yeesh, even bigger of a fail in that case.
  • 02:01:00: Twitter is distracting from writing. Off now.
  • 02:17:24: If this really happened, the conspiracy theorists would claim it was a lie:
  • 02:23:17: Unleash the Fayebeast!
  • 03:09:27: From Twitter 11-30-2010
  • 03:14:39: Bleh, grammar issues.
  • 21:59:30: #nowplaying "No Ordinary Family." Even though the father is fireproof, wouldn't his clothes burn off?
  • 22:22:30: RAGE!
  • 22:38:07: I don't normally like these people, but this is too funny:
  • 22:53:29: RT @disinfo: Man Cuts Off Cat’s Head With Machete And Brags About It on #Facebook #news #animalrights
  • 23:12:39: @sarahmorrigan No, Google is fine.
  • 23:13:25: @sarahmorrigan
  • 23:31:08: RT @alex_antonin: I hate people like this

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