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Harry Potter 7. Also, cats.

Saw Harry Potter 7 today. Awesome movie. It followed the book very closely, which is good. My only complaint was they had Dobby in that stupid pillowcase. Sure, he had shoes, but man... he's a free elf, and the pillowcase was his mark of enslavement. He should have been wearing gaudy bright sweaters and a pile of hats, and several ties. Or at least some actual clothes.

Also, I hope - when it comes out on DVD - that they make an unrated version as well, so we can see the scene where the horcrux is showing Ron an image of Harry and Hermione kissing naked in... more detail. :-D

Also, lillakat of Portland is fostering a couple of cats. One has tawny body and black patches, is a year and a half old, and shy. Other, an outgoing cat, is 10 months old, greyish with cream patches. They've both had their shots, been deprived of their reproductive capabilities, and so on. She asked me to help find someone who would give them a good home, so if any of my Portland friends want a cat or two, or know someone who does, let me or her know.

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