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That character I wanted help naming, I have named him.

That character I asked for help naming in previous posts, I have finally named. Though I liked Fariza's meaning, I went with a variation I thought of while responding to a comment in one of the poll posts - Forizano. Despite having no idea what language the city of Vraygrotta speaks, some of the names sound vaguely Italian, so I'm going for that. And Forizano does strike me as a good name for a scholar. The Far- names give me a "beggar" or "peasant" vibe.

But since I liked the meaning of Fariza, I used that meaning to come up with a second name. Thus, the character's full name is Forizano Lysvalo of Vraygrotta [for-ih-zaan-oh lis-vaa-lo uv Vray-grot-ta]. Lysvalo comes from Lys, the Danish word for Light; and Valo, the *Finnish* word for Light. And since Forizano is based loosely on the Latin "foris," which is the closest I could come to "outsider," his name therefore translates as "Outsider Lightlight." :-) Or his name could be seen to mean "A light from outside." :-D

Thanks everyone for your contributions!

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