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Creepy dream last night

For those of you who actually read these dream entries, you'll probably have noticed that I frequently have these dreams wherein I am living with my parents in this huge goddamn house (more like a mansion) with multiple kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, and even multiple LIBRARIES. In these dreams, Mom and Dad are quite content to stay in one corner of the house, with just the one set of rooms.1 There are hallways - sometimes secret passages - and doorways leading to the other sets of rooms, and for all they are empty and unlived in, they are clean and well-kept. No two dream mansions are the same, but often they are quite similar. I love these dreams as a general rule because I get to explore these huge, awesome mansions.2

In this dream, I was sitting in the primary living room with Mom and Dad, when I got tired in the dream and got up to find somewhere to sleep, taking my blanket with me. I went through one door into this octagonal room. One side of the room was the door I'd come through, the opposite side (slightly to the left) was one of the bedrooms, the door to the right was a door to the rest of the mansion, and the other sides of the octagonal room were cupboards with towels and blankets in them.

I went through the door that leads into the rest of the mansion. In these dreams, I usually have my regular bedroom where I put most of my stuff, and a secret bedroom I like to sleep in, usually accessible through a hidden passageway in the closet. But in this dream, I think I only wanted a brief nap, and was looking for a good room to nap in so I never went to my bedroom.

The hallway led to one of the libraries. I thought this was a good place to sleep, on a sofa in this library, surrounded by books. I was just getting settled in when I had to pee. Having to pee, in a dream, is always so much fun. And while I always wake up before I have any accidents, it usually takes me a while to get the point and wake up. This time was no different. I immediately went off in search of a bathroom.

In these mansion/big house dreams, usually one of two things happens. If it's a huge, well-kept mansion like the one I was in last night, I almost always go through a series of secret passages, false walls, and other fun stuff, find a bathroom, and find something wrong with it and have to start the whole process over again, for another bathroom. In big houses where every room is crappy and ramshackle - solid but not clean, with peeling paint, rats, and other lovely things - I usually end up finding an upstairs window facing away from people, and pissing out the window. These two kinds of house dreams rarely mix.

This time, though, they did. In my wanderings through the well-kept parts, I found myself in an upstairs series of rooms and halls which were of the "ramshackle" variety. Not only crappy, unclean, and varmint-infested, they were also dark and creepy. Something about the window made me not want to go to it, so I just started pissing into the middle of one empty room. That's when a deep, disembodied voice from my left said, "HEY," startling me. I looked in that direction, still pissing, seeing nothing. Creepy voices, sounds, and a general sense of dread and creepiness are not uncommon in ramshackle-house dreams, but my usual reaction to these creepy moments is to freak out and run away. This time, though, I just stood still a moment, then did a perfect mimicry of the voice, talking back at it. I was getting more and more creeped out by the moment, but I saw nothing, nothing came at me. It was like moments alone in a house and you hear a strange noise, and you say aloud, "Goddamn weird noises." Then the dream faded, and I woke up and went to the bathroom.

I think this is progress, though, not freaking out like usual. I used to have dreams, as short a time ago as maybe 5 years ago, wherein Buddy or other stuffed toys of mine would talk to me in dreams. When I was a little kid, those dreams terrified the living shit out of me. Mom and Dad got me a Teddy Ruxbin once for Yule; they had to get rid of it the same day because my reaction to it was pure, unadulterated terror. I think I would have been less scared if they'd given me a live cobra or a box of hissing cockroaches. Even as short a time as 5 years ago, dreams with Buddy talking and walking and moving freaked me out. But one night, I had one of those Buddy dreams wherein I calmly said in the dream, "Buddy, I love you dearly, but when you walk and talk in these dreams, it freaks me out. Please do not do it anymore." The dream ended shortly after that, and I haven't had one like it since.

I do wonder, though, if my mind is working on fear issues in dreams sometimes. Because I frequently have dreams that I find fascinating and fun now, but which would have scared the living piss out of me when I was younger.

1 = In real life, in a situation like that, Mom might be content with that, but Dad would be like me, exploring the other areas of the house for interesting stuff.

2 = It's the "large, well-kept mansion with hidden rooms and secret passages" dreams I adore. The "large ramshackle house with lots of empty and disgusting rooms" dreams I am not so fond of.

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