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Sammich maker!

My friend kengr likes to send me postings from a Yahoo group called Freecycle Portland, a group for people giving away free stuff (just come over and get it) because it's stuff they don't want and/or don't need. If I'm tired of these, I will ignore some of them, but others are interesting enough that I'll email the posters about it. I've gotten some pretty cool stuff this way. Brooke/kengr frequently gets free milk from one person who lives nearby. And someone once gave away a working RV that just needed a little work.

About 2 or 3 weeks ago I missed out on an electric sandwich maker being given away. But last week, I recieved an email from that person saying no one had come to get it, and I could have it if I was still interested. So I went and got it. A week later, I am loving it, because grilled cheese and other grilled sammiches are so much hard work normally, spreading the butter on both sides of the sandwich, and my frying pan only has room for one at a time. (The other, large frying pan I use for bacon and other meats only.) This sandwich maker can make 2 grilled sandwiches at a time with no more preparation than making slapping the ingredients together and putting them in the machine. I've had more grilled ham and cheese sandwiches since I got it a week ago than I had for many months prior. I love it so much!

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