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Help name a new character!

I have a new character for my Lyria Spellspinner books. He is a scholar brought into Lyria's fortress to tutor her daughter Meriel, and possibly her other "children" (and eventually Lyria herself), in several subjects which Lyria is not the best at. He knows of Lyria's reputation and is wary, but what she gives him in return for these services is too priceless to him for him to turn her down (any more than that would be spoilers).

I have several options so far for a first name for him, all derived from the Latin word foris, meaning "out of doors, outside, abroad, from abroad, from outside, a door, opening, entrance." (It was the closest I could come to a translation for the word "outsider.") But I don't really like any of them particularly well. I don't really dislike them, either. So vote for one, or give your own suggestion.

This is essentially a test of the poll system from Dreamwidth. If it doesn't work right on LJ or IJ, come to to take the poll. It's set to "all can vote," so I don't think you have to have a DW member to vote on the DW version of the poll. If I'm wrong, well... just reply with your answer or PM me if you don't want your answer public.
(And since I don't know if IJ even does polls, and I have no intention of getting a paid IJ account, this might fail spectacularly on IJ.)

EDIT: Drats, it didn't occur to me that to remember that these polls are stored on their server of origin. Well, I'll append an LJ version of the poll to the LJ version of the post and remember not to crosspost any edits of the Dreamwidth version.

Livejournal version of the poll. Stupid work-arounds.

View Dreamwidth poll: Help name a character

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