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Multiple big bangs and some spiritual ramblings

A Facebook friend of mine posted this link and the text, "you see? because it is eternal, there is no beginning. no beginning means no creation. no creation means no creator. no creator means no god. BOOYA."

My response:
This confirms my own hypothesis of multiple big bangs. In fact, who's to say it's limited to one big bang per universe at a time? Maybe somewhere infinitely far away there are other big bangs, making universes inside our own multiverse, and they're so far away we'll never live to see the radiation emanating from them. And add to this, multiple alternate multiverses each doing the same things.

This does kind of disprove Xian creationism, but then, what doesn't? As to there being no being at all that can be called God, I am not sure. True, there is no beginning and no end. Time as such is an illusion and so-called linear reality is also an illusion, there are so many dimensions to existence we can't begin to really hold in our minds the Big Picture. I happen to think Existence is alive and sentient. I call this God, but maybe I should find another term for it. So many people, whether they are believers or not, have bizarre preconceived notions connected to the word "God." Like that it is a giant magical human. But in truth, "God" would be millions of times more alien to us than we humans are to ants.

Perhaps I will abandon the term God for my name for the sentient living Existence, and use the name Kohraindehr instead.

But yeah, Kohraindehr is not creator. Kohraindehr is All. It is the Omniverse, everything infinitely tiny and infinitely huge. So yes, the idea of God as Creator is based on limited human perceptions. If we take the human perception of linear reality and try to apply it to the "god" scale, we find ourselves a logical paradox with no solution, in that: who created the Creator? If it always existed, why call it creator? Why differentiate it from its creation at all? After all, if Creator always existed, it could not logically create something out of nothing, and would have to use itself as material for the universe. So one way or another we are left with Kohraindehr.
Adding: "Kohraindehr" is one of my Deities, the Deity of The All. Her story in the "creation story" of the Yahgahn faith is interesting... the last to appear in the story, She was actually there from the beginning.

The logic of "no beginning, no end, time is an illusion and humans are severely limited" may induce headaches if you think too hard about it, but it makes sense to me in a way that a lot of atheist's models of existence don't. I realize many atheists tend to like to base their cosmological models on existing data, but personally I think that is so limiting.

I admit, I believe in multiple big bangs, I believe in alternate universes, and myriad more dimensions than humans can even imagine. Considering that my own experience of reality is strange and barely linear, it's no wonder. And I've been perceiving life all around me from a very young age, even getting "vibes" from inanimate objects (I still do), so I reject both Creationism's view that inanimate objects are things with no life, and I also reject any similar supposition from science. After all, if you look down at the atomic, subatomic, and quantum scales, even rocks are teeming with dancing waves of energy. Inanimate objects are alive, and are energy beings! Our organic life-as-we-know-it is just another layer of complexity to life. Quantum particles and waves dance together to make protons, neutrons, and electrons; these bits *also* dance together to make atoms. Atoms dance together as molecules, molecules work together to form cells, cells into multicellular objects. And all of this life together forms the great Kohraindehr.

Sahn-kia, Kohraindehr! Koh Soh La Kohrain!

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