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Got my monk robes!

Got my black monk robes today. Not sure what they're made of, feels a little like canvas. Too soft and pliable to be denim, and has the wrong pattern for denim anyway. Been out and about wearing them and my cloak. I am doing it partially to draw more magic into my life. But next time, I shall have to wear pants under them, because it's a little chilly down there. Panties are insufficient.

Almost didn't get the package! The people at the place I ordered them from had my address correct on the invoice, but gave the UPS the wrong address. It got shipped to apartment 1 instead of apartment 15. I "just happened" to have been checking the tracking info less than half an hour after delivery, and it "just happened" to have been safe outside the door of apartment 1. (Sahn-kia, Shao'Kehn; Koh Soh La Kohrain.)

Too bad they didn't come in last week, I could have worn them to OryCon.

Black robes, a green cloak, and a Satanic pentacle... :-D And earlier, I was thinking it would be fun to go to the next Orycon in this outfit, wandering around the halls saying Satanic versions of Catholic prayers. Some in Latin, others in English. "Our Father, who art in Hell..." >:-D

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