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OryCon 32

Lost track of time and stuff, and almost didn't go to OryCon at all because I wanted to take Brooke with me, and a registration for all three days would have been $60 each. Brooke told me to go anyway, because seanan_mcguire had uncovered one last box of a CD of hers that had gone out of print. And I did have a great time, even if it was just one day.

I left at around 1:30 PM, got there about 2:30. I went dressed in my Dark Sorceress outfit and my cloak. Registered for the day, went to the Dealer's Room. I'm glad they had it at the Doubletree instead of the Mariott, because I could not remember how to get to the Mariott, and the Doubletree is RIGHT THERE when you get off at the 11th Avenue MAX stop. Like, if you can't find it, you're brain-dead.

Anyway, spent a couple hours in the dealer's room because none of the panels sounded good until one with Seanan McGuire singing at, like, 4. (I forget the exact time.) Got a few things. I have pics:

This bunny I won in a game. Got any name suggestions?

A purse-like thing I got for $20, what a deal!

My hand is in the picture to give a better idea of size.

A Slytherin scarf! I think the Slytherin house was portrayed so stupidly and unfairly in the Harry Potter books. What, all the evil wizards came from there and no other houses? How unrealistic.

Close-up of the house seal.

A hat I got. Perty!

Another view of the hat.

A patch! Xavier's school for gifted youngsters.

Another patch, Bureau for paranormal research and defense, from Hellboy.

Slytherin House crest patch.

Patch, head of Seth from the "Cult of Seth" episode of Stargate:SG1.

Pin, "Seeking out the dark forces and joining their Hellish crusade."

Pin, "Dark Lady." (They had "Dark Lord," too.)

Pin, "W.W.S.D.? (What would Satan do?)"

One of the CDs I got.

The other CD I got.

Also got some things for Brooke.

LOL! "The Black Death" by Seanan McGuire is awesome! Such an upbeat song, for such a downer of a topic. :-) Too bad it isn't on YouTube. Among other things, it talks about quarantine, something that was a big topic in the zombie panel, because she hates how every (American) movie with an infection-based zombie outbreak or plague movie, we're supposed to cheer for the idiots breaking quarantine because they're stickin it to the man, when the truth is, "congratulations, you are responsible for killing humanity." Which reminds me of why I liked the episode of Fringe with the ice-age plague: Walter's son was one of the infected in quarantine, but he kept the quarantine anyway.

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