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I am an avatar of Weirdness itself, and my brain is like unto a choir of angels.

Me, pointing at something on the Internet, speaking to my brain: "See that, brain? You could not possibly come up with something weirder than that!"

My brain: "AHA! A challenger appears! *Ponders* Okay, how about this: Lieutenant Worf as an effeminate gay man in hair curlers and a dress, working as a hairdresser, saying "Today is a good day to dye!" and then going into a rendition of "I'm A Barbie Girl."

Me: " ... You win."

My brain: "HA! Damn straight I win. I can fart weirder things than that in my sleep."

It's becoming more and more clear all the time that I am an avatar of Eccentricia, Goddess of Weirdness and She Who Doth Created The Internet. Put perfectly normal stuff in, weirdness comes out. Put weirdness in, brain-breaking bizzaro-gasms of doom come out.

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