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You can never be too cynical when it comes to scams.

This is an excellent article. "5 internet life lessons parents need to start teaching kids." I especially like their advice that you can never be too cynical when it comes to scams. Something I take to heart. I even once ignored a person who may or may not have been a scammer in real life, once. It was at WinCo, a grocery store, a couple months ago; this guy, sounding all desperate and stuff, told me he needed some food right away and his food stamps wouldn't activate for another few days. He asked me to buy him some things and he would pay me back. My thoughts were these: "*Tries to process data* This makes no sense. If he has money to pay me with now, why not just spend it himself? If he is telling the truth and will pay me back later, I'm supposed to wait how long, exactly, and give this stranger my contact info? I don't even like loaning to friends, and I'm going to loan my food stamps benefits to this guy I don't even know? Most likely it's a scam. Even if it's not a scam, no fucking way I'm taking the risk for some random guy I don't know."

Then I flat out told him, "Sorry, not falling for your little scam" and walked off. He protested that he wasn't scamming, but better to let him think that "this is a scammer" was my one and only thought than try to explain, "Even if you're telling the truth, I'm not risking it." I do not regret my actions. If the guy really can't wait for food stamps, he can go to one of those churches that gives hungry people free food. Idiot really should know better than to do things like that in this day and age.

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