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Got some writing done! Yay!

Last night, I got more writing done than I had for quite a while. It was on a story that is too Mary-Sue to ever publish, but oh well. Got that done thanks to the tablet and the handwriting recognition software on my PC. Slower than typing, but when one has been staring at the blinking cursor with one's mind empty every time before, any progress is better than none. If I'm not already bored of this program before the trial expires, I think I'll pay the $20 for it.

And today I am currently at Panera, having written over a page of new material on the Mindeodean story "A Wee Bit Off," having made no progress on the Traipah novel "Foreign Influence," before getting stuck again. Considering I haven't even thought about "A Wee Bit Off" for months, it's incredible I was able to get as far as I did. And the new progress will doubtless spark more new material, provided I give myself time to think, by going on a walk or some such.

I'm going to make another post, about some dreams I had last night. Then I'm going to go to Brooke's. I think I'll walk there, at least partway, so I have thinking time.

Tomorrow, I have a meetup. It's kind of odd, as they usually meet up on Tuesday. But it's Wednesday this week for some reason. Ah well. Gotta come down to this area again to pick up my cloak tomorrow, too. Probably try doing some writing tomorrow, too, assuming I have time.

Oh, and that cranberry-sauce pot roast I made is awesome! The gravy is delicious! I'll have to stop by at home before Brooke's so I can share some with her.

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