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This poem is also a magickal working.

“I Remove The Obstacles To My Creativity”
By: Ahnabahn Morph'oht'spwiigohl Tay'kay'yah

For far too long and far too hard,
I've been under stress, and scarred.
Depression took a toll from me,
But I declare, I WILL be free!

Depression took my energy,
Blocked my way far as I could see.
But now the stress that caused that hell
Is gone, so I can leave my shell.

No more need I seek a job,
Money is mine, oh thank “Bob”!
I have a place to live, and food,
And privacy, so all is good.

Now, without the stress I had,
My energy will fly back glad.
My batteries will charge up fast,
And the energy will longer last!

For I have survived and all is well,
I've gotten free from that hell.
Now it's time to break the bonds
And flower forth like fern fronds!

Fifteen forces I shall call,
To help me break apart the walls
And obstacles that remain,
I've all the world left to gain!

I call on Shao'Kehn burning bright
To set remaining obstacles alight;
Lit, they go up in a flash,
Leaving no remains but ash.

I call on Shao-Kehn's chaos great
To open up my mental gate
And flow on through to fill my soul
Fueling the process to become whole.

I call on Shao'Kehn to fill her role
As She Who Reaches Into The Soul
And utterly destroys things blocking me,
Rescuing my creativity.

I call on Ahndahn, the Balanced One
To channel the chaos towards the fun
Of getting lost in fictional lands,
The tales of which flow through my hands.

I call on Ahndahn's blessed Order
As I walk along the border
Exploring my worlds and writing it down,
A queen of writing without a crown.

I call on Ahndahn's blessed sex
Fueling passion's potent flex
My stories like a lover in my embrace
Passionate love for my fictional place.

I call on Nahtahdjaiz, free and wild,
Her joy of living, that eternal child.
I invoke Her happiness and curiosity
To revel in my creativity.

I call on Nahtahdjaiz, with this song I've sung,
To invoke the energy of the young,
As well as the sheer delight of exploration,
And novelty of all sensation.

I call on Nahtahdjaiz a third time,
For She is ever in Her prime;
Her imagination empowers my own,
And mine shall never be fully grown.

I call on Jiijiinis, God of Health,
To keep mine good as Bill Gates' wealth.
Keep the headaches and neckaches at bay,
For those are obstacles in my way.

I call on Jiijiinis, I ask you please
To keep my stomach appeased;
Fill it with health so it's never upset,
I want it happy like a beloved pet.

I call on Jiijiinis, I beseech thee,
Hook me up to tons of energy.
Fill my batteries up to the brim,
And keep me ever bright, not dim.

I call on Alorno, whose healing touch
Always helps Jiijiinis much.
She heals my body, but also my soul,
Healing not just Part, but Whole.

I call on Alorno to help unbind
The tangled knots inside my mind
That keep me from the arts I love,
The arts and writing I'm so proud of.

I call on Alorno to make repairs,
For the signs of battle are everywhere.
It's been a struggle all life long,
But most recently 'twas much went wrong.

I call on Tahrah-Taynah true,
All creativity comes from You.
You're the Mother Muse for all the world,
I ask You help my own uncurl.

I call on Tahrah-Taynah kind,
I invite You to nest inside my mind.
And fill me with such wonderment
That I cannot help but to explore it.

I call on Tahrah-Taynah grand,
I know for sure You understand,
I must get my stories into the world
To share with every boy and girl.

I call on Ahg'Tahrah, Poet of the Gods,
Musician and artist commanding applause.
I ask Your assistance in fixing myself
So I can once more add books to The Shelf.

I call on Ahg'Tahrah, an author Divine,
Whose words are as sweet as the finest of wines.
I ask for Your help shooing the cobwebs and dust
And scrubbing off a few layers of my mental rust.

I call on Ahg'Tahrah, who paints in the sky,
With more colors than can even be seen by the eye.
I ask for Your help with the labors of art,
Help deliver the children of my mind and heart.

I call on Morshenda, the dark night sky,
Within your calm embrace I lie.
Your darkness and silence sooth my mind,
And help me recharge and unwind.

I call on Morshenda, who is the Dark,
Press into my soul Your mark.
May all the obstacles in my way
Get lost in the darkness, and die 'fore the day.

I call on Morshenda, who is the Void,
May the obstacles fall in You and be destroyed;
May they just vanish into the inky Black,
Destroyed forever, may they never come back.

I call on Morshauna, Mistress of Sleep,
May I get plenty of You and may it be deep.
May it be restful so I wake well at morn.
May the oak of rest reside in sleep's acorn.

I call on Morshauna, the sleep of the night,
May I not get too much, may I get it just right.
May sleep come easily but not too much so,
Easily from one state to another I go!

I call on Morshauna, twin sister to Dreams,
May my sleep cycle no more go to extremes!
For any unbalance only deepens the rut,
So when I've enough, help me off my butt!

I call on Morshiinin, Mistress of Dreams,
Lord of The All That Is Not As It Seems.
My dreams entertain me, and sometimes they teach,
May I figure them out without too hard a reach!

I call on Morshiinin, Dreamworld's King,
Please help me out with an important thing:
May I stop clinging so hard to the Dreamworld at night,
So I can bring my best dreams into the daylight!

I call on Morshiinin, Queen of Dreamtime,
I belong to myself and my dreams, they are mine!
May I no longer let my dreamworld own me,
When the other way 'round is how things should be!

I call on Nwoikoi, whose pursuit is our right,
May the happiness I seek be brought by Your light.
Please help me to do the unpleasant things
That lead me to happiness, so my soul can sing.

I call on Nwoikoi, eight-rayed smiling sun,
A symbol of happiness to this mortal one.
Please shine Your light on me, be my guide,
And heal the parts of me that just about died.

I call on Nwoikoi, for there's power in threes,
May I fill with such joy that I fall to my knees!
My cup runneth over as I dance through my lands,
Pouring my joy out through the pen in my hand!

I call on Thurr, who is Goddess of Peace,
For every joy come with a piece.
I survived, I made it though far too much stress,
And came out of it a wounded mess.

I call upon the calm power of Thurr,
You've two things in common, You do, with “purr.”
Well, make it three, since peace can heal,
May my soul feel warm and safe and full of good meals.

I call on Thurr, for a Thurred time,
May the laughter of children remind You of mine.
Just as joyous and happy, free and at peace,
As one might expect from a 10 year old niece.

I call on Grah'Bahn, Goddess of Life,
You've helped me to get through loads of strife.
May all blessings I get multiply by three,
And may I stand strong like the mighty redwood tree.

I call on Grah'Bahn, Lord of The Worm,
May my obstacles become as small as a germ!
May my spiritual immune system flush them all out!
May my enemies smell nothing but sauerkraut.

I call on Grah'Bahn, Maker of The Thorn,
May I be as joyous as You when Thurr was born!
You danced in joy while 12 months with child,
May I be ever as wild!

I call on Moiulainas Taybahliss, Mother of All,
May You be there to catch me if I fall.
May all Your Children, even those I left out,
Be ever there to help me along my route.

I call on Moiulainas Taybahliss, who laid The Egg,
May my obstacles be blasted to hell with a powder keg!
May the Wellspring's energy make me a Force,
A river so strong it makes its own course!

I call on Moiulainas Taybahliss, Mother of Creation,
Of my obstacles, may there be a cessation.
I am The Fire, I move like The Flash,
Burning all negativity to ash.

I call on Kohraindehr, for She is The All,
The eight-rayed star that never will fall.
May my soul move with Her through all of Time,
No matter how hard it may have to climb.

I call on Kohraindehr, the All-Seeing “I,”
May my soul sing while with Her it flies.
May I reap the rewards of such partnership,
All of reality right in my grip.

I call on Kohraindehr, Present Future and Past,
There since the first, despite being born last.
Nothing is beyond Her, for nothing could be,
May the power She has be shared with me.

And now I have called the fifteen I Will,
The fields of my soul we now shall till.
Creativity plants and flowers of art
All will grow, filling my heart.

Reborn into wonderment, I shall go forth
And explored the worlds I have called forth
To write their tales for all to read,
My soul in whole now is freed.

There will be more work, for life it is hard,
But I will fight to heal my scars.
I leave you now at stanza fifty-four,
Out into the world my magick to soar.


      Poet's notes: I didn't mean this to be quite so long, but I wanted certain Deities in this magickal poem, and also wanted the number of stanzas to be a multiple of three. I have succeeded in this, as there are 54 stanzas (54 divided by 3 = 18. Also, 1+8=9, and 9 is 3 x 3. Oh, and numerologically, 5+4 is 9). Three is a powerful magickal number, especially to me. So I'm very glad to note that the number of lines in the poem is also a multiple of three: 216 lines, which is 3 times 72. 72 is also a multiple of three, as is the 24 you multiply by 3 to get 72. Which makes three multiples of three!
      The title is a little different. Seven words, 14 syllables; 7 is another potent magickal number. And 14 is 7 x 2. 7+2 is 9. 1+4 is 5, an auspicious number in Discordianism. Even I'm not crazy enough to try to figure out how many syllables are in the poem itself, let alone its numerology. Also, in my own numerology, I have “Chaos numbers” and “Order numbers.” Chaos numbers are basically even numbers, while Order numbers are odd numbers. Because one of the numbers in each number must be a fulcrum... take 3 for instance. Imagine this: 1 2 3. Now see, the 2 is the fulcrum, and there is one number on each side of it, making 3 an Order number, since it's balanced. So the number 2 is a Chaos number because 1 is the fulcrum, and there's nothing on the other side: 0 1 2. Number 1 is an Order number because it stands alone. Zero is special; it's neither Chaos nor Order.
      Anyway, 3 is an Order number. Though multiples of 3 aren't necessarily Order themselves. Let's look at 6 = 1 2 3 4 5 6. Whether you pick 3 or 4 as the fulcrum point, there will be a different number of numbers on one side than on the other; 3 on one side, 2 on the other. So multiples of three are especially magickal to me because they demonstrate the link between Chaos and Order.
      Numbers we had earlier... 54, that's Chaos; 3 is Order. Eighteen is also Chaos. 1+8=9, 9 is Order. Seven is Order, and 14 is Chaos.
      Holy shit... I just realized that you can add up the numbers in double-digits and higher to find out if they're multiples of 3. 2+1+6=9, and 216 is a multiple of 3. Whereas 2+1+7=10, so 217 is NOT a multiple of 3. But look: 7+2=9, and 2+4=6, and both 72 and 24 are multiples of 3! (If I'd been introduced to fascinating things like this as a child, I might have been more into math.) Let's test this... 2,893. 2+8+9+3=22. 2+2=4, not a multiple of 3. (Checks calculator) Yes! Now 2,894. 2+8+9+5=24. 2+4=6. YES! Cool. Of course, it doesn't give you the other number you need to multiply to get it, it merely tells you if it's divisible by 3 or not. Still pretty cool.

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