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From Twitter 10-11-2010

  • 00:42:13: RT @comedybot: Fettuccine alfredo is macaroni and cheese for adults. -Mitch Hedberg ☺
  • 00:56:15: RT @paper_hand: ZOMG!
  • 00:57:33: RT @paper_hand: *giggle*
  • 00:58:12: RT @paper_hand: I like this place:
  • 00:58:45: RT @paper_hand:
  • 00:59:37: RT @paper_hand: LOL
  • 01:01:23: .@dantheshive They could do an Inspector Gadget/Penny kinda thing, with Homer as Gadget, Lisa as Penny, and Maggie as the dog.
  • 01:01:52: RT @InfraDalek: RT if you're a fan of Lady Sovereign,because I'll be playing her music for the next couple of hours!!!
  • 01:02:41: RT @dantheshive: You know what would be a good Simpsons game that will NEVER get made? A mystery adventure game staring Lisa.
  • 01:04:14: Re-read my "night-time kid me" tweets. Ah yes, I used to hide in the shadows and terrify my little sister by jumping out of the darkness.
  • 01:05:30: It's so easy to scare other people when you can swim in the shadows like a shark in water.
  • 01:06:08: My eyesight is good enough I can see in the dark once my eyes adjust. Not spectacularly well, but well enough. And my eyes adjust quickly.
  • 01:07:56: Nowadays it isn't as easy, but only because I worry about bad people out @ night in the city. Even as recently as when I lived in Osceola...
  • 01:08:40: ...a few years back, I had no worries in the darkness, and it was my true home. Would be now, if not for that "cities are dangerous" worry.
  • 01:09:38: I guess when I was in Iowa, I knew I was the baddest thing in the shadows. Now I worry there may be bigger monsters than me in there.
  • 01:10:49: Oh, I still go out walking some nights, and I never let it bother me walking home from Brooke's when I lived farther away...
  • 01:11:18: ...I just don't swim in the deeper shadows anymore, keeping to the shallows, near the pools of light.
  • 01:12:50: RT @qikipedia: Swans do not sing, before dying or otherwise (although one species, the Whistling Swan, whistles a bit)
  • 01:15:13: I miss it sometimes, feeling secure in the deep pools of shadow at night, walking through areas bereft of all light without hesitating.
  • 01:16:10: In Osceola, I used to walk in the woods by this artificial lake at night, the only light coming from the the stars or moon or the far shore.
  • 01:16:42: @rosemcgowan My condolences. Clowns are uber scary.
  • 01:17:59: I miss it... the cool night air, the darkness, the silence, but most especially the feeling like I was the only human being for miles.
  • 01:18:56: I knew I wasn't far from other people, but in that kind of atmosphere, it's easy to forget. And it was a great recharge for me.
  • 01:19:51: Now I'm surrounded by people everywhere, can't ever find a way to be rid of the knowledge that they're never far away. I miss my quiet place
  • 01:21:21: I haven't had a true recharge since I moved to Portland, because of that. I need one. I had no idea how much I depended on that, before.
  • 01:22:49: To say I'm introverted is a massive understatement. Being around other people too long without a recharge is painful.
  • 01:23:53: Okay fuck this, I don't care if I can't really get away from other people, I'm gonna take a walk now anyway. G'night, everyone!
  • 03:12:20: From Twitter 10-10-2010
  • 19:20:09: RT @WTFSexFacts: Hot scene from vampire porn film 'TwinkLight': *Gay Porn* - *Adults Only*
  • 19:38:00: "EX-TERM-IN-ATE!" "DE-LETE!" "STER-IL-IZE!" #CrossoverFromHell
  • 20:03:08: I now know where to buy salvia divinorum locally.
  • 21:13:04: School Pride sounds like a cool reality TV show. And considering I hate reality TV, that's really saying something.
  • 21:54:52: What the Tea Party is made of:
  • 22:01:10: Women who have anal sex get more orgasms:
  • 22:34:17: I've been diagnosed with ADOSS: Attention Deficit OH SOMETHING SHINY!!!!!!!!!!! via @evilgrins
  • 22:58:05: I *HATE* "contact us" pages that are nothing more than glorified help pages. FUCK YOU, EBAY!
  • 23:03:47: News: [trying to shut down adult businesses that aren't doing anything wrong] Me: ALL YOU PURITANS CAN GO DIE IN A FUCKING FIRE.
  • 23:07:27: After 8 years of Bush, HOW CAN ANYONE BE INSANE ENOUGH TO VOTE REPUBLICAN!?!?
  • 23:11:59: Y'all should totally look at eBay's Contact Us page as an example what NOT to do in web design.
  • 23:12:29: I'd say chimpanzees must have coded eBay's contact page, but that would be an insult to the coding skills of chimps.
  • 23:13:36: I could literally SHIT OUT a better contact page than the sack of monkey vomit eBay has for a contact page.
  • 23:15:22: Aha, I see why they designed it like that: they don't want people to be able to complain. I see what you did there, eBay.
  • 23:17:53: Basically this whole eBay shit started with trying to bid on something, and a goddamn uncloseable pop-up was blocking me from bidding.
  • 23:18:42: I had to re-load the goddamn page to bid! Fucking eBay. Then there's no way to make a complaint. Fuck if I'm shopping there again.
  • 23:25:26: eBay of Pigs is more like it.
  • 23:29:41: GACK! *shudders* I must be the only person in the world who gets enough dejas vu atop each other to actually have a fit from it. o_O
  • 23:30:50: Seriously, just had a sequence of about 20 dejas vu stacked atop each other, nearly had a seizure from it...
  • 23:31:34:'s like my whole life becomes a kaleidoscope. I must be getting mondo leakage from neighboring alternate universes.
  • 23:32:49: It really does feel like telepathic contact with a bunch of other Fays from neighboring alternate universes.
  • 23:33:41: Hey, maybe I'm learning the first steps necessary to learn how to jump from one universe to another?
  • 23:34:19: Heh. Reminds me, I've always thought looking in a mirror was seeing another me in another universe.
  • 23:35:52: @Brigida68103 Fuck off, spammer. DIAF.
  • 23:37:08: I'm curious how Banksy is supposed to have directed the Simpsons intro when nobody knows who he is?
  • 23:40:10: "We don't just embrace insanity here. We feel it up, french kiss it, and then buy it a drink." - Anon #memebomb

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