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Cranberries and lingonberries

My favorite fruit is cranberries. The more tart, the better. Naturally, I love cranberry juice. My main problem, though, with cranberry juice is that it tends to be overly sweet. Drinkable, but I'd rather they cut down on the sweetener and let the tartness come out to play. Ocean Spray's Light Cranberry Juice used to be good for tarter juice, but then they started putting Splenda in it. Bleh.

Anyway, found something neat at IKEA the other day. When kengr and I first went there, we ate at their restaurant. We had their Swedish meatballs, which came with a side of something called lingonberry sauce. At first, I thought it was cranberry sauce, because it tastes exactly the same (no difference at all in taste!) but the berries were too small to be cranberries. I liked it a lot.
Then the other day I went back and stumbled upon "lingonberry preserves." Since I have never seen cranberry preserves, and lingonberries taste exactly like cranberries, I got a jar. It makes yummy toast, at the very least. :-D

I took a picture of the jar, but I can't share it right now because the camera is on the tripod and I dare not move it yet. Ya see, last night I spent at least an hour (probably more like 2) doing a stop-motion animation movie before going to bed, and I haven't even finished the story. Not sure how good the picture will be, I'll have to play around with the point of view. But it's funny, so far. Though I plan to have some sadness in it, too. It will be featuring my hands in the role of God. :-D

But yeah, I love tart fruits. When I was a kid, we had a crabapple tree nearby. I used to eat the crabapples. :-)

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