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Still settling into my apartment (update)

Still settling into my apartment. So much left to do, so much I've already done. Very annoyed to find out that IKEA is so much cheaper for house things - and generally higher quality - that I could have saved at least $100 if I'd gone there to begin with for a lot of this stuff. The other day I saw a set of thick, solid metal silverware in a frakking wooden silverware holder for HALF what I spent at FredMeyer's for a set that is probably going to fall apart before the year is over. And IKEA is actually easier to get to from here than Freddy's is. Ugh. So much awesomeness at IKEA. I actually found something there made in Canada. Never seen that before.

What I *did* get there was a computer table for $20 (and at least twice the quality of the spindly piece of shit Freddy's was offering for $30), these nifty things that can hold all sorts of things and mount to the walls (I have one for toilet paper, one for paper towels, and one for plastic bags), a laundry bag with stand that I'm using for pop cans and bottles (since I already have a hamper), a few more kitchen utensils, a cute little red end table that was $8 ($10 for the exact same table, only it had a thin vineer of real wood on it), some anti-slip plastic stuff (I have some down for putting drying dishes on, gonna do the insides of the cupboards and drawers; might have to go back for more, in fact), a meat thermometer/timer, a hanging storage thingy I'll get a picture of at some point, and a big pink plastic storage bin with wheels and recesses in the lid for wheels to make it stackable. It annoys me to realize I could have gotten a bunch of storage things at IKEA for my clothes for half the price of the ones I got at Freddy's. I didn't see any with built-in drawers like two of the ones I have, but given that place's size, I probably just passed it by without seeing it. Seriously, I found out today that place is about twice as big as kengr and I thought it was yesterday, because we missed a fuckton of sections when we avoided going through the fabric section.

Heh, and Molly had fun going through the kids section of the store. She was practically skipping. :-) That's actually where I got the hanging storage thing and the big pink storage bin with wheels. :-D

Anyway, I put the end table together in like 5 or 10 minutes, and kengr and I spent an hour or so putting the computer desk together. Interesting thing about IKEA directions, there are no letters or numbers. But the drawings are so clear that it's pretty easy to figure out. Seriously, I think the most difficult part was finding the right pieces and comparing them to diagrams.

When kengr went home, I moved the stuff off her card table and moved my own card table so it's half in the kitchen and half in the living room. This way, I can be on my laptop in the living room and eat in the kitchen, where it's easier to clean up if I drop stuff. And since the chair fits under the table now, there's plenty of room to get the bike out (it's in the kitchen). I also moved the toaster on top of the microwave, so I could use all available counter space for dishes.

Before doing dishes, I changed into a short skirt and my pink sports bra to be cooler while I slaved over the hot water. Washing dishes with a healing cut on my thumb when the wetness keeps making the new skin curl up is difficult. But I got most of it done at last. All I have left is a few more of theose WOW containers and the crock pot. I had to stop because I'd run out of room on the counter for all the drying dishes. But once I get it all done, I'll just have to do a couple at a time in future (which was the whole point of getting only a few of each dish instead of a whole freaking huge set like I had in Osceola).

And I also did something fun and new with my hair, before doing dishes. I started out making pigtails, braided the pigtails, then curled my pigtails around my head and clipped it in the front. I took pictures, see:

And now I'm making mac and cheese, because it's easy to make, easy to reheat, and lasts days in the amounts I make it in. I might go for a walk later. Tomorrow I have to get my monitor and keyboard from my storage place. I'm thinking about calling a cab, specifying a van, and getting a bunch of other stuff I need from there at the same time.


Oh wow, this mac and cheese is awesome! I've got some cheddar to use up after cutting mold off of it, and so it's super cheddary. I used hardly any Velveeta this time, just one slice. The rest is cheddar. Man, it was so thick I had a hard time stirring it up! YUM!

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Oct. 4th, 2010 06:27 am (UTC)
When I started over after the divorce and had to replace a whole bunch of kitchenware, I just hit up the Goodwill down by MLK. They have a massive assortment of, well, everything, and it's cheap. And it's really nice, too. Got some lovely handmade ceramic salad bowls and such. I even managed to snag a brand-new food dehydrator, though that was at the one up on Broadway.
Oct. 4th, 2010 06:43 am (UTC)
Honestly, I found IKEA to be similar in prices to Goodwill, and it was all pretty much clean, whereas at Goodwill you have to scrub really hard on things to get weird stains and stuff out. IKEA stuff is about the same price, the quality is fairly constant, and it's mostly clean; just wipe it fast with a soapy cloth, rinse, and it's done. The stickers are the only difficult part, and Goodwill has those too. In fact, I detest Goodwill's stickers... they have this stupid 4-leaf clover design punched into the middle, making it 10 times harder to get all the sticker off than it needs to be.

But for things other than dishes and other eating or cooking utensils, yeah; Goodwill kicks ass and doesn't even bother to take names before kicking more ass.
Oct. 5th, 2010 03:20 am (UTC)
I like to use liquid bandage for cuts on my hands and fingers, because then I can get my hands wet. The stuff comes off after a while, but you can always put more on.
Oct. 5th, 2010 09:15 am (UTC)
Oooh, I'll have to look for that.
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