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More unique cuss words

I last posted about this maybe a year or more ago, but I have mentioned in the past that I have a penchant for using foreign cuss words, and also for making up cuss words. Aside from words in Trai'pahg'nan'nog, others I make up are nonsense. I'm particularly fond of "frak" from Battlestar Galactica, and several others have spun off from that:

* frakking nadjits
* frakgammon
* frakadder
* frakkle rock

Another spinoff is "frag." Spinoffs of frag include:

* fraggot
* fraggoty
* Fraggety Ann
* Fraggety Andy
* "Fraggety Ann, Fraggety Andy, and all their fraggety little friends."

Others (unrelated):

* yeesh-ka
* yursh-ka
* yarsh-ka
* graph nag
* grapf
* grapfnag
* glarpf
* glurf
* razmataz
* razz fradj
* razzlefrakkus
* spazmaglorpf
* frazmagatag

(These are all nonsense words I have literally used as cuss words or exclamations. No kidding.)

The following may be TPNN or Dvencoilii, I don't know yet:

* dahstraht

If I think of more, I will add them. They're had to remember because they tend to only show up when I'm genuinely cussing.

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