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Two awesome updates! (Including my new apartment!)

First, and really least important: My Wacom Fun graphics tablet came today! Using it is gonna take some getting used to, but I'm already kinda getting the hang of it. I love how it works like an improved mouse, too, with gestures for scrolling and navigation and selection, etc. But of course, drawing is what I bought it for. I'll test that more in-depth later.

Second, and most important: The apartment I was trying for, the one that is a couple blocks from Brooke's, is now mine! I can start moving in! I have the power in my name, and signed up for phone and Internet through Qwest. The phone and Internet will be turned on this Friday. I am so thrilled! :-)

It's on the ground floor, is nice and roomy, has a huge closet, lots of storage space, an extra storage thing in the laundry room (lockable), and a nice view of the trees and stuff out back. Also, ironically (since I don't have a car or any other motorized vehicle), I have the best parking spot in the building. But that's still good, cuz friends with cars can park there. :-) Oh yeah, and since I get my Internet through Qwest and Brooke gets hers through Comcast, odds are good if one of our Internets went down, the other's would still be up, so we could "borrow a cup of Internet" from each other if the need arose. :-D

Anyway, gonna start moving stuff over now! :-D

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