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From Twitter 09-13-2010

  • 01:06:19: http://quietbabylon.com/2010/domesticated-cyborgs-kevin-kelly/
  • 01:30:49: If I ever die of boredom, it will be on a Sunday, I assure you.
  • 01:31:11: To entertain myself, I will now be silly. Well, sillier than usual.
  • 01:32:24: I hereby decree, invoking my power as a Pope of the Discordian faith, that Sundays are hereby excommunicated! Shoo, Sunday, go away!
  • 01:32:46: *Chases Sunday away with a broom*
  • 01:37:03: Banana arms, meat dress. #bornthisway
  • 01:39:56: Is Jared Leto from Arakkis? #geekyjokes But seriously, who the hell is Jared Leto?
  • 01:40:44: Dear Taylor Swift, please stop your whining. No one had ever heard of you before this BS, you got your 15 minutes, be happy and move on.
  • 01:42:11: #letshaveatoast to whiners like Taylor Swift.
  • 01:42:54: #LetsHaveAToast to melba.
  • 01:44:40: #LetsHaveAToast to crappy music winning at the MTV VMA. And by crappy music, I mean "most popular music."
  • 01:45:03: @CiryMars Is that some kind of crappy popular band?
  • 01:45:59: #LetsHaveAToast to the fact that crappy artists like Bieber won, while the really good artists didn't even get invited to the MTV VMA.
  • 01:48:42: Dear Taylor Swift, #LetsHaveAToast to your music career; popular only because Kanye interrupted you. (Not that he's much better.)
  • 01:53:21: Popular music is like cotton candy - full of sugar and fluff, but no substance, and it's not very good for you.
  • 01:54:53: I like some popular music (I like a wide variety of music) but I haven't heard anything popular in 10 years I'd even *nominate* for an award
  • 01:56:30: Referring to pop music, of course. Pop rock is like junk food. Hits the pleasure centers of the brain like a drug, but has no substance.
  • 01:58:34: I mean, really, how can anyone take seriously a song with maybe 5 words in the whole chorus, and 20 words in the rest of the song?
  • 01:59:28: Besides, 99% of new pop stars wouldn't even have a career without the autotuner.
  • 01:59:33: Autotuners are a cheat; even William Hung would sound good using one.
  • 02:01:26: #LetsHaveAToast to the autotuner, without which we wouldn't have Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, or 99% of pop rock artists.
  • 02:02:56: Where VMAs are concerned, I'm with @alex_antonin: MTV doesn't even play music anymore, how are they qualified VMA hosts?
  • 02:03:50: MTV VMA = A pointless award given out by a music television channel that hasn't played any music for 10 years.
  • 02:05:53: Meat Dress? Let me guess = Lady Gaga showed up in one?
  • 02:06:36: I wonder what kind of meat the Meat Dress was. Chuck? Sirloin? Filet mignon?
  • 02:08:23: Oh, @ladygaga's Meat Dress = bloody awful! ;-)
  • 02:09:33: Good Gods, Cher is still alive? I wonder how much formaldehyde she has to inject every morning to keep from going rancid.
  • 02:10:11: Snooki was at the VMAs? Why? I don't know why she's famous, but it ain't for music, I know that much.
  • 02:11:59: I say Hollywood's women just give up the pretense and start going everywhere nude. They might as well, they're already most the way there.
  • 02:13:55: Is it just me, or does "What are they famous for?" apply to about half the so-called celebrities these days?
  • 03:12:34: From Twitter 09-12-2010 http://j.mp/aoE6a3
  • 15:30:11: RT @alex_antonin: WHAT!?!?!? RT @BoingBoing: School suspends crying son of murdered man because his eyes were red http://bit.ly/c4GSPC
  • 15:35:15: WTF? http://j.mp/bVv9MT
  • 15:38:52: RT @BoingBoing: Babbage-esque mechanical computer chip http://bit.ly/dpWgTm
  • 15:40:04: RT @BoingBoing: Electronic artificial skin http://bit.ly/9g3Lfd
  • 15:40:39: RT @BoingBoing: Canadian police concerned about acid candy http://bit.ly/dexBND
  • 16:17:32: RT @Tao23: Schrodinger's cats have 18 half-lives.
  • 16:25:08: Scientists make robots that can lie. No word on if they have a facial tic, though: http://twurl.nl/omsq6d
  • 16:54:00: The insanity of memory http://j.mp/b7MeKg
  • 18:03:42: I am currently at Panera because the internet at Brooke's is buggier than shit and was driving me crazy.
  • 18:17:40: Number 1751 http://j.mp/9ZuDS6
  • 18:45:17: QC #1752 Early comic, YAY! http://j.mp/ay9jJL
  • 18:56:28: Hanners and money http://j.mp/avX0HW
  • 19:00:21: .@AIRIGOAGAIN Oh yeah, I remember that now.
  • 19:07:07: Wish me luck! http://j.mp/91qAsf
  • 19:15:42: RT @Tao23: Re: mosque/ground zero thing: perhaps since 9/11 was motivated by religion, we should have NO religious buildings nearby?
  • 19:15:57: RT @Tao23: I mean, if you want to point fingers. Otherwise, "gee, those INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE were all kinds of f*ked in the head" will do.
  • 19:27:17: @genderbitch *HUGS*
  • 19:30:54: I have named my new phone Sam, rather uncreatively, as Sam is a Samsung.
  • 19:32:07: So now I need to name my new MP4 player. The old one is called "liePod." Which isn't really a name, as much as it's a description.
  • 19:32:23: RT @GaryJBusey: Monday Night Football is when Men Neglect Females. #MNF
  • 19:35:42: Hmm... I think I'll call my MP4 player Dahrah, short for dah'ah'rah, which is TPNN for "music."
  • 19:36:53: TPNN: Trai'Pahg'Nan'Nog, my constructed language.
  • 19:38:27: Oh, interesting: "Dahrah" sounds like the "tahrah" in "Tahrah-Tayna," the name of the Goddess of Creativity.
  • 19:41:05: NeoOffice's dictionary is sadly lacking if it doesn't even know the word "Yum."
  • 19:41:51: @genderbitch *Tucks you in*
  • 19:43:09: Wondering now why my phone keeps connecting and disconnecting from the Bluetooth headset for no apparent reason.
  • 19:44:00: @jephjacques Won't your wife object to that? Or is she cool with that? :-)
  • 19:57:01: RT @disinfo: How to Respect Sex Workers http://bit.ly/c4AKSh
  • 20:06:25: Damn Trimet (bus) site is being annoying. Just trying to find Hollywood Transit Center on here, which is 1 place, it gives me a dozen places
  • 20:08:01: Because it won't just give me the info I need, I now have to use the Trip Planner, which entails finding the address of Panera...
  • 20:08:38: ...which in itself entails going to Google Maps, finding Brooke's place, searching nearby for Panera to get the address...
  • 20:09:31: ...which is a fuckton of extra work I could have avoided if Trimet.org had just given me the fucking info I ASKED FOR to begin with.
  • 20:10:31: All I wanted from Trimet was MAX arrivals for Hollywood TC, which is info they've hidden under a Gordian mass of irrelevancies.
  • 20:13:14: And Trip Planner is irritating to work with; no matter how you put the address in, it NEVER knows WTF you're talking about.
  • 20:14:48: GODDAMNIT, TRIMET, WHAT THE FUCK IS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND ABOUT 4121 Northeast Halsey Street Portland OR??? FUCK YOU!
  • 20:16:02: Now it's telling me to not specify a city. *Tries it* No surprise, that didn't work either. Who designed this piece of shit?
  • 20:17:20: Gods, been at this how long? & I could've been DONE WITH about 10 fucking minutes ago if it'd just TOLD ME WHAT I ASKED IT TO BEGIN WITH!!!
  • 20:18:57: Oh sure, they give you the schedules for each MAX line independently. Which is of no help if I want to know which one gets there first.
  • 20:19:44: Gah! Fuck this shit, it'll be 100 times simpler to just call them. The machine they have working the phones actually WORKS, unlike this POC.
  • 20:22:05: I am going to scream now. Even the fucking one for the phone seperates the different lines.
  • 20:23:05: If I were actually *at* Hollywood TC, the info would be right there on the screen at the stop. Try to get it anywhere else, and it's "Fuck u
  • 20:24:42: @UniBashRadio Tried it before, doesn't work. Like I said, it doesn't matter how you enter it, the computer is an idiot.
  • 20:40:25: .@UniBashRadio I appreciate the thought, but I'm already at 4121 Halsey, I was trying to figure out times for MAX lines to 60th avenue.
  • 20:43:43: I finally found what I was looking for, hidden in a deep dark corner of the website. I had to slay 3 virgins & sell my soul to Satan 4 it.
  • 20:44:40: *Bookmarks this page so I won't have to sacrifice any more virgins*
  • 20:46:03: I think I will print this page off tomorrow, and keep it, so I can refer to it when not online.
  • 20:47:09: .@DarkylVren LOL! Which part, the slaying virgins or selling my soul? :-)
  • 20:47:49: Soon it shall be time for me to go slay virgins and rescue dragons in distress.
  • 20:52:34: Well, I guess I should head back now.
  • 23:34:06: Most cramped airline seats ever: http://is.gd/f9JVL
  • 23:41:21: LOL, cannot unsee! (safe for work) http://is.gd/f9Kqr

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