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My day 09/03/2010

I wanted to go to OMSI again today, but had kind of limited time due to getting up at my usual 1 PM. Would've been fine except that, first of all, the bus line 71 - which had been on a reroute for weeks - was back to its old route. I got distracted by my liePod and missed my stop. I ended up getting off at what I thought was Hawthorne - but wasn't - and having to take the line 14 to somewhere where I could then walk to Belmont. Got to the right area just as the bus I needed was leaving (I hate that!). I was thirsty anyway, so I got a Vitamin Water at Walgreen's.

Finally on my way, I got off at the right stop. Got hungry, went to Taco Del Mar. (One of these days I'll learn to eat more than a sandwich for breakfast.)

Then I had to stop off at the storage thing, which was in the area. By the time I was done with that, it was 5:30; I didn't know how late OMSI was open, and I had only the vaguest notion where it was from there. Not knowing how long I'd have to wander to find it, I decided to go to Border's instead.

At Border's, I got a cheap CD by Ministry, an album called "Twitch." Also got a book by seanan_mcguire called "Rosemary and Rue." And lastly, a copy of Fortean Times. (Oh, and some Jelly Bellys.)

That is all.

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