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Okay let's hope the boojum doesn't eat this one

I know for a fact I posted this already to my LJ, but I've been looking for it for hours and haven't found it on my own LJ, so the boojum must have eaten it. So reposting to both LJ and DW.

This is from the comments in a friend's LiveJournal. She was posting about a T-shirt that says in several languages "You're not my type." My replies =

In my TPNN conlang, "You're not my type" would be "Grehn fii-yahs bah-kuus." Which is literally "We won't fit together." Which has more than one implication. :-D


I should probably specify that, given Ah'Koi Bahnis anatomy, and the fact they're hermaphrodites, that the secondary implication of "We won't fit together" is an insult about the length of the other's, *ahem* grah'bihn.

(Specifically, the grah'bihn, a retractable organ, is on average a couple FEET long.)


I like how I was trying to transliterate "You're not my type," and when I was about to make up a new word for "type" or "variety," my inner Ah'Koi Bahnis said, "Poo! What an inelegant solution that would be. Here, let me show you how it's REALLY done." I must say, I like djair solution better. :-D


I almost forgot, the grah'bihn is *prehensile.* They can lift at least 15 pounds with it. I told a friend about that once; I didn't see her face, but I imagine it went pale.

Bear in mind, though, it's also not as thick as the human version.

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