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Earlier today, I was complaining to myself about people being "in the way," of course meaning they were being obstacles. The part of myself that is Ah'Koi Bahnis but is not as acclimated as Fayanora is to Earth expressions gave me this "WTF?" feeling when I said that. I poked at it a little and got a data-burst that basically contained another revelation about the Ah'Koi Bahnis language and culture. Apparently, s/he didn't understand how "in the way" connected to the concept of being an obstacle; it seems that to the Ah'Koi Bahnis, "in the way" would be parsed as being akin to "s/he is on hir path" and NOT as "s/he is being an obstacle in my path."

*Giggles* And trying to imagine an English speaker trying to clarify the meaning:

"Hey move, you're in the way!"
"In the way? What does my being in the way have to do with you wanting me to move?"
"I mean, you're in my way!"
*WTF face* "I don't even know your way. And again, what does that have to do with moving?"
*Sigh* "You're in my path."
*Blank stare* "..."
"Your body is blocking my path."
*Looks around.* "Oh! You mean I'm being an obstacle. Sorry about that." *Moves*

This is an interesting revelation because I don't often get information from characters without asking for it.

Fuck. I had another post I wanted to refer to, but I can't find the damn thing. I must have mis-tagged it. It was a post I made some months ago wherein an attempt to transliterate something from English to TPNN gave me a better phrase than the one I was trying to transliterate.

Great. LiveJournal used to have a feature where you could do a search within your own LJ, and it's gone now. FML. I hate it when bastard idiots remove useful features like that.

EDIT: Gah! Well, I found it on a friend's journal in the comments, but I'm POSITIVE that I reposted it to my LJ. Gods only know what it's tagged as, though.
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