The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective (fayanora) wrote,
The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

Think you got enough dynamite there, Sundance?

kengr and I went yesterday to a gun and knife show so we could look at the knives, swords, and other things that weren't guns (there was a lot of cool stuff there). It was okay, and I got a sword cane there (it was $12). But what reminded me to post this was remembering that one of the vendors, selling books, had a couple books about Nikola Tesla... written by David Hatcher Childress. It was strange seeing a Childress book at a gun show, considering most of the people there were probably (judging from T-shirt vendors I saw there) the gun-crazy teabagger Republican type.

But from the Childress books, my mind swiftly connected threads and in a couple seconds I was feeling a little sad because I realized that gun shows like that would have been a perfect place for a vendor
selling Loompanics books, if Loompanics hadn't gone out of business. And that would be tons of winmantium, because Loompanics specialized in publishing controversial stuff. Some of the things they printed that would do well at a gun show would be the survival guides, guides for how to make homemade bombs, etc. Gods, I wish I had a copy of Loompanics' catalogue so I could post a list of examples. Ah well.

Having a Loompanics vendor at that gun fair would be doubly awesome because they published titles from anyone whose book could be considered controversial. They also published the Principia Discordia. Can you see the P.D. being sold at the same place that had a vendor selling "I was anti-Obama before it was cool" t-shirts? The thought amuses me. :-D
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