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Ups and downs

I woke up feeling good, and headache free. So I went out apartment hunting. First place I went is only a few blocks away. I'd been trying to call them for a week, but their answering machine is weird. After it's run a certain number of times, the answering machine beeps once, says nothing, and beeps again long enough to start a message but not long enough to get one's number in. Luckily, they had an on-site manager. I actually managed to knock when she was in. It was going well, but then she said my mom would have to cosign in person, and that it's state law. This is so fucking stupid! My mom lives in Iowa, and I doubt she's going to fly out all the way to Portland just to cosign. Fuck. That upset me so much, I was worrying on it and twisting my brain in knots about it for a couple hours after that. Who the fuck am I supposed to get to cosign this shit for me in person? And the paranoid part of my brain connects that to their thing about credit checks and was like, "Are they going to run credit checks on the cosigners too? Because if so, I doubt Brooke could do it." But I didn't think to ask that. (Though I'm going back tomorrow to see what one of the apartments looks like, maybe I can ask then.

After that, I got on the bus and got off at Burnside and 60th, where I tried to go apartment hunting but was too wound up due to the new obstacle that I had to go into QFC and wander around for awhile, but that didn't help. I went out walking. moving toward city-center. I did get down a few phone numbers of apartments renting while passing by them. And I cooled off enough to talk to the manager of another, a man in his 70s or 80s. Unfortunately, all his were 2-bedrooms.

Finally ended up at this park I'd been to before, at 39th and Stark. (I think it was Stark.) Didn't stay there long, I was a little peckish. (Having had only a tiny pizza for breakfast, roughly the size of a slice and a half.) Got a nibble. Then I went to this Pagan store called Moonshadow because I needed a satin cord for my inverted pentagram necklace (the chain it came with is made of some kind of cheap crap that turned my neck green). While I was there, I was browsing. They had some cheap walking sticks, and I found one that was exactly the right height, is mostly straight, can support my weight, and has a head that seems like it was designed for my hand. So I got it. It's also made of sumac. I also got a button that says "Minimum wage for politicians." :-)
Pics of the walking stick:

Then I went to FredMeyer's to wander around a bit. Got a water bottle with a holder and a carabiner to attach it to my purse, so I will always have water when I go out. After that, I took off for the meetup. I was a couple minutes late. I thought Brooke would beat me there, since she started biking out there at around 6, but she was 40 minutes late. The meetup was a lot of fun, and I was rather chatty for a change. Of course, it made that annoying "words disappear and I have to look for them" thing about 10 times worse at times, and I still have that issue of trying to say things when I want to, missing my opportunity, and either not being able to say it at all or having to backtrack.

Well, that's all for now.

Teal Deer Version:

1. Morning started out good. Apartment hunting. Cosigning I can do, Mom will cosign. WHAT? Cosigning has to be in PERSON? GRAH-FLARGLE-BROO-ARGGHHHHH! *gnashing of teeth, screams of the damned, wails of 1000 grieving widows*

2. Wandered about, ended up farther away than planned. Hawthorne district.

3. Satin cord at Pagan shop! Yay! Got a walking stick, too! Satin cord for an inverted pentagram, how ironic. :-D

4. Pagan meetup. Yummy Chinese food there, and much talking. I managed to be fairly talkative. Words go hiding from me more often when in those situations.
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