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Pissed off

First of the month for me is when I get food stamps. So I went to Winco today because I have a monthly bus pass, so why not? I was halfway from the 92nd street transit center and Winco when I had one of those small fits of panic I sometimes have, usually when I can't remember if something is still in my purse or not, liike "OMG did I forget such-and-such at the whatsit?" They're brief but powerful mini panic attacks, lasting from several seconds to half a minute, usually passing the moment I find whatever it is I think I've lost.
This one was slightly different, though. It was, "OMG are we sure there's money in the food stamps thing?" I forced myself to be calm, thinking to myself, "It's just a stupid panic attack." but called in to check anyway because only knowing for sure would solve the panic. I called in, and guess what? "You have zero dollars and zero cents." WHAT THE FUCK? was my reaction. I had kengr double check, and yup. No authorization for benefits this month. I. WAS. PISSED.

Now I think I know what's going on, after thinking about it. They usually send me this form around June or July to report on any changes to my income, but I haven't received a single goddamn thing from them for several months at least. So tomorrow I am going to have to go in and get this fixed. Which I shouldn't have to do, because all the other government organizations I have to deal with all know where I'm getting my mail, those idiots should know too.

In other news, I got my inverted pentagram a couple days ago. It'd be hard to get on and off even if I weren't wounded, so I haven't taken it off since I got it. Funny thing is, this high-quality pewter is stronger than my silver Shao'ahn'dih'gahn. (No, I don't sleep with the Shao'ahn'dih'gahn. Too many points. In a normal bed I would get poked. In my current bed, the thing would pop it.)
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