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What I'm up to

I had a brainwave last night, so now I'm making a *third* constructed alphabet for Traipahni words. The first two, Dven'Ahndahn and Dven'Bahnis, are very vowel-centric, but this one is even more so. DA and DB both have characters for sounds like AHL, IHL, ER, and similar. But there's no logic to it, and there are a limited number of those. It shortens some words but others remain rather long. Some words are shorter in DA or DB than in roman characters, others are longer. I wanted a version with a greater potential for word shortening.

The brainwave I had was to give it a logic. The simplest is to drop consonants inside of the vowels, something pretty easy with some of the vowel symbols and difficult or impossible with others. So I've been coming up with other vowel symbols for the difficult ones, and simpler consonants to fit inside. But coming up with symbols that match the style of the existing characters and look good AND fit, is difficult. I have the vowels figured out, now I'm working on the consonants.

Once it's done, I'll have fewer characters to remember, and a lot more flexibility.


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Jul. 26th, 2010 10:08 pm (UTC)
Ah'Koi Bahnis are in love with ideas, writing, and art. Along with what we usually think of as poetry, they also have visual poetry, where the usual ways they write things are set aside for making a literal painting or whatever out of words. But the evolution of the written language over the years kind of reflects a shift in focus. My first forays into the written language were highly formal things; signs, religious texts, ritual use of writing, etc. With the creation of Dven'Bahnis (literally "The People's Tongue"), I was attempting to make a written language that was less formal, as it was being used by common people. I think I may finally have got there. I've written all three languages, and they're pretty easy to write in as far as making the characters. Shortening words and remembering how to do so was what was hanging me up. Now it's simple!
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