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  • 15:59 DOMA officially declared unconstitutional: is.gd/dkCiU #
  • 16:12 @RobertMoranLA Who? #
  • 16:18 @RobertMoranLA Ah okay. I had gone back a few tweets but not far back enough, it seems. #
  • 16:41 WHAT!?!? Innocence IRRELEVANT?!? RAAAAGE!!! is.gd/dkEFH #
  • 16:43 More on that "innocence is irrelevant" thing: is.gd/dkEK8 It's scary, it's become a crime to merely be *accused* of a sex crime now. #
  • 17:24 High heat + no AC = frequent cooloff showers. #
  • 17:28 Luckily for me, my body temp when I'm sleeping drops so much I don't easily overheat while asleep. #
  • 17:31 Gods, someone give me a walk-in freezer to live in until the heat wave goes away. #
  • 18:01 News: surfing helps autistic kids open up, no one knows why. is.gd/dkJcx also www.surfershealing.org/ #
  • 18:11 There'd be a lot fewer unhappy females if sex ed taught how them how to masturbate. #
  • 18:12 Most sex ed has more to do with the kind of ED that Viagra treats than it does with education. #
  • 18:18 Quote of the month: "I think cynics are playful and cute." - Harry Dresden, from "Changes" by Jim Butcher. #
  • 18:23 LeBron James is gonna take an hour to announce where he's going? Most team sports athletes can't fill 5 minutes without sounding stupid! #
  • 18:26 The LeBron James thing can be explained, I think, by the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Everyone's so focused (cont) tl.gd/2cuhp0 #
  • 18:31 It's a good thing this iced tea is decaf, or else I wouldn't be able to sleep for a week. #
  • 18:32 Ahhh... chocolate fresh out of the freezer. #
  • 18:41 I should stop saying my dreams are weird. It's unnecessary. Everything that comes out of my brain is weird. Especially my dreams. #
  • 18:42 Hell, I'd probably remember a lot more of my dreams if more of them made sense. I'm pretty sure most of my dreams make no sense at all. #
  • 18:44 Just saw an ad for a service for hard of hearing people wherein someone listens to your phone calls and captions them. Creeeeepy! #
  • 18:45 Brooke says deaf people have been using that for years. Me, I don't know how anyone could use that service. I'd be too creeped out. #
  • 18:46 It's like "stalker for hire" or "phone tap for hire." *Shudders* #
  • 18:50 UK man finds fuckton of Roman coins: is.gd/dkMbP I hope he left it so archaeologists can dig them out. Hope he didn't do it himself. #
  • 18:59 52,000 Roman coins? I wonder how much it would have been worth back in the day. #
  • 19:04 I've been obsessed, for the last week, by the phrase "high-octane nightmare fuel." #
  • 19:21 Italian tourists end up in wrong Sydney: is.gd/dkOkF #
  • 19:24 All too true: i31.tinypic.com/69fhjq.jpg #politicalcartoon #abortion #
  • 19:25 "Breasts harm children!" RAAAGE! www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5iopbQLdtnEo_YkRaqh9xIjapTE2AD9GQGUFO0 #
  • 19:27 I am so fucking tired of this ridiculous body shame our society teaches. Go #nudism ! #
  • 19:29 Times like this, I wish memeticide (something capable of killing ideas) was real. I'd make memeticide to target the "body shame" idea. #
  • 19:30 As well as one for "sex is sinful" idea. #
  • 19:32 @paper_hand That was deeply insightful and informative, thanks. ;-) #
  • 19:42 @paper_hand LOL #
  • 19:44 .@paper_hand After reading Harry Dresden books, I would be afraid to touch a Roman denarius. #
  • 19:47 @paper_hand When will What be able to cause earthquakes? #
  • 19:49 @paper_hand The Order of the Blackened Denarius, in Harry Dresden books, are fallen angels that live in denarius coins & possess people. #
  • 19:51 Neat houses made of shipping containers. Especially the port-a-beach: is.gd/dkQcr #
  • 19:52 @paper_hand In Harry Dresden series, the 30 pieces of silver Judas betrayed Jesus for were 30 of the OBD demons' coins. #
  • 19:53 Er, port-a-bach , not port-a-beach #
  • 19:54 @paper_hand Now that you mention it, yes. But that was ages ago. :-) #
  • 20:06 bigbrother.memeresearch.com/ #
  • 20:18 More evidence that Nicola Tesla was either an alien or a time traveler: is.gd/dkRSD #
  • 20:20 Nazi Germany had Jews and homosexuals. The USA has illegal immigrants and sex offenders. #
  • 20:38 @househesson Ha, yeah. #
  • 20:38 RT @househesson: @Fayanora Gods forbid they ever again see what fed them when they were infants. #
  • 20:39 @househesson Amen! #
  • 20:46 RT @CorinaBecker: so, @noyer2 just asked me what was worse, Phantom Menace or the Last Airbender; God, that's a hard one.... #
  • 20:47 @genderbitch I hate that attitude too. #
  • 21:30 Scan of that Tesla letter I mentioned earlier: is.gd/dkWsY #

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Jul. 9th, 2010 03:22 pm (UTC)
TTYs are not creepy, they are actually damned useful.

And I think you might want to backtrack that comparison of illegals in the USA and sex offenders here to that of gay men and Jews in Nazi Germany. The only valid comparison to the treatment of the two is blacks and Indians. While it sucks to be both, the USA is nowhere near as xenophobic even as Idi Amin Dada's Uganda.
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