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I have a theory

There's a huge flaw in how Anakin Skywalker went over to the darkside, in that it's very unrealistic. I have a theory to explain it: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader isn't really evil. He obviously had some premonitions we're not privy to, that interstellar civilization would fall hard and possibly never recover unless he pretended to be evil, on the emperor's right hand so he could make sure the empire fell in a way that would let the republic be restored. Why else place C3PO and R2D2 in key positions where they could help out, lose a battle to his unskilled son, and so many other things that helped the empire fail? With the firepower the empire had, they should've been able to blast the planet and *then* the moon, crushing the rebellion before it could escape. But I suspect Vader manipulated things so they thought they had to wait until the planet was out of the way. It also explains why he wasn't in the Death Star when it went boom - he must have purposefully designed the thing to have that weakness, and knew that Luke would destroy it.

Of course, he had to really get into his role. He did everything he could to make it look like he was truly evil, and probably put up all kinds of barriers somehow to disguise the truth from anyone who could use the force. In order to fool the emperor and other darksiders, he had to fool everyone. He had to make everyone think he was evil. He knew he would forever be remembered as a villain, but that was less important than preventing civilization from falling. And it was a premonition only he was strong enough to see; no other user of The Force had the power to see that far into the possible futures.
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