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Had some dreams last night. One I only vaguely recall was something about a young girl cornered by a crowd of people who wanted to kill her, shooting tazer disks at them. But no matter how many fell, more kept coming. Finally someone else came in, someone with an actual gun, and told the people to back off or he's start shooting them with real bullets. They backed off.

Another dream started with something similar to a "moving with the family" theme, but this time I was moving back in after a long visit elsewhere. Most of my stuff was already in my room, though, including my computer (which, in my dream, was an iMac). And there was a secret room I went to for writing, there were secret passages to get there. There was then something about an elvin mage using dark magic to escape someone chasing him, which I think was something I was writing in the dream (but I viewed it as a dream-inside-a-dream). The elvin mage was quietly and nimbly leaping from raindrop to raindrop, defying the laws of physics, and ended up behind his pursuer. He slit the pursuer's throat, and the dream ended.

And *that* dream reminded me of another dream from the night before. This girl with preturnatural powers, maybe she was some kind of genetically engineered killing machine, went into this house with a sword while everyone was sleeping and - so quietly that the lone survivor never woke up - killed the man and his wife and the boy child. The teenage girl child was sleeping somewhere else in the house, no idea why super-ninja girl didn't know about her (but that's why the girl's life was spared; ninja girl didn't know she was in there). Maybe she didn't live with her folks anymore, and was just visiting? Anyway, later the girl was telling the police that she didn't know what had happened, she'd never woken up. Ninja-girl (in disguise) was listening to this. While she was annoyed at having left someone in the house alive, she was also glad the girl hadn't heard or seen anything; ninja-girl wouldn't have to kill her, now. Then ninja-girl walked off. As soon as no one could see her, she ran off, getting to the roof of the buildings by leaping from the ground onto an insect's back, onto a flower, onto a songbird, and then onto the roof. End of dream.
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