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  • 21:50 RT @EvilGrins #Splice was interesting. Nothing like a lot of cross species
    incest to get you going. Why was only the hybrid naked tho? #
  • 21:57 @FLampsy How'd you do all those little flags? #
  • 22:06 #FF #followfriday @futuredirected @katrinathelamia @dystopia2009 @PopeJimXXIII @WTFWednesdayPic @paper_hand @robertmoranLA @evilgrins #
  • 22:13 #FF #followfriday @jablair51 @earthshod @nerdiechristie @panotes @bpglobalpr @feministihulk @teleeroticist @ArrestRoveNow @WTFsexfacts #
  • 22:40 @earthshod You're welcome! :-D #
  • 22:43 Had way too much coffee earlier. Four or five cups at least. #
  • 23:20 RT @ABC Teacher Fired for Out-of-Wedlock Pregnancy #
  • 23:39 @simim Wow! I wish I could find $80! #
  • 01:53 Awesomesauce! Literally! #
  • 02:27 RT @andrewducker Kids of lesbians have fewer behavioral problems #
  • 02:45 RT @drjon Why the RIAA are Full Of Sh1te:
    articleimages/ob/piratebay_header.jpg #
  • 04:04 RT @BannedFacts In 1898, 14 years b4 d Titanic sank, Morgan Robertson wrote a book about a ship called "Titan" that hit an iceberg & sank #
  • 04:14 I needs to go clothes shopping soon. Almost all my pants are sacred (ie. holey). Pants are good for biking. #
  • 05:24 @alittlethought Wow, you must be tiny to have to *gain* weight to fit into clothes! (envy!) #
  • 05:47 @alittlethought Weird. #
  • 06:22 People who fake being raped need to be shot about 1000 times with paintballs in sensitive places. #
  • 06:24 Rape is one of those things when "boy who cried wolf" applies to anyone, whether they themselves lied or not. #
  • 06:25 There's enough goddamn victim blaming already without shitcunt liars adding to it by lying about being raped. #

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