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  • 17:15 RT @panotes "Dear roommate: Imodium does not work for metaphorically
    getting your shit together. Nice try." #
  • 17:16 RT @cnnbrk Obama, tells interviewer he has met with experts on Gulf
    oil disaster to learn "whose ass to kick." #
  • 17:43 Helen Thomas condemns Israel, says Israelis should give Israel back to the Palestinians. I agree, and I'm saddened that she later redacted. #
  • 18:12 RT @Alyssa_Milano Count your blessings (infographic)☛
    cGzIA /via RT @bonniebell #
  • 18:17 LOL! #
  • 18:31 YAY!!! RT @Team_Barrowman TORCHWOOD IS COMING BACK! I am on
    cloud nine and thrilled with this news. jb #
  • 18:32 #
  • 18:37 RT @RobertMoranLA It's not religion as an institution that makes it a
    religion it is religion as faith that makes it a religion. #
  • 18:59 RT @FunnyFeminist The only thing to blame for Deepwater Horizon disaster begins with B & ends with P. And of course I mean "BipartisanshiP" #
  • 20:02 RT @uglyshyla Satanic Feminism #
  • 21:23 Cool! "Satanic women don't want to gain their strength by castrating men, or by making themselves out as victims." #
  • 22:06 Philip K. Dick can ROT IN HELL! #hisinfluenceeverywhere #sucksucksuck #
  • 22:23 @OMGFacts That's not true. The female *does* have a vaginal opening, the males just don't use it for some reason. #
  • 22:52 @genderbitch *HUGS* #
  • 23:16 The word "ass" is still considered "salty language"??? WTF is this, 1950? #
  • 23:18 Golly gee whiz, Lassie, President Obama said a naughty word on television! He said "ass"! What next, "I like women's knickers"? #
  • 23:19 Seriously, I was saying "fuck," "shit," "ass," and worse *around my parents* before I was a teen. Tara was doing so before she was 12. #
  • 23:21 Hell, my parents never "watched their language" around us. And even if they had, "ass" was never considered a naughty word. #
  • 23:22 The only objection I have to using "fuck" as a cuss word is that it implies there's something wrong with sex. #
  • 23:23 @delilahblue64 Yours was a different generation. :-) #
  • 23:29 @KatrinaTheLamia I do like Britswearing. I also like foreign insults because you can insult English speakers & they don't know it. #
  • 23:29 @KatrinaTheLamia Dumkaupf is my favorite swear word. :-D #
  • 23:42 @KatrinaTheLamia aye #
  • 23:59 Decision engine. George W. Bush: The Decider. Need I say more? #
  • 00:09 RT @jennifurret The more feminists distrust science, the more women look like fools #
  • 00:12 RT @ebertchicago Smart-ass Goldman, Sachs sends 2.5 BILLION pages in "compliance" with investigation. #
  • 00:33 RT @TeleEroticist Having a really, really bad night. Am only turning on the
    domination lines because I need to make someone cry. #
  • 01:02 @jephjacques Cute! #

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