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  • 20:56 RT @mental_floss Xu: a monetary unit of Vietnam.
    #ScrabbleWordsYouShouldMemorize #
  • 21:00 RT @BannedFacts 101 Dalmatians & Peter Pan (Wendy) r the only 2 Disney movies w/ both parents that're present & don't die throughout d movie #
  • 21:04 @paper_hand *Snickers* Dong-based monetary system, eh? #
  • 21:06 The amount of rain we were getting earlier, Brooke referred to as "Cow pissing on a flat rock." :-D #
  • 21:15 @paper_hand I hope xu know hào to keep your hands off of my đồng! ;-) #
  • 21:32 @jephjacques You're a creature of the night! #
  • 21:33 RT @BillCorbett Just saw Adam Savage (@donttrythis) sing I
    WILL SURVIVE as Gollum. Bucket list complete. See ya! #
  • 21:47 RT @RobertMoranLA What? It must be cold n Hell! RT @latimes Rush Limbaugh gets married & Elton John is d wedding singer #
  • 21:49 WTF? Really??? RT@BannedFacts 12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents daily. #BannedFacts #
  • 23:26 #
  • 03:31 @delilahblue64 Even a gas chamber? "Buy the new Genocidotron 3000 today!" #
  • 03:35 RT @omgfacts Huge rocks in Death Valley mysteriously move really far, all on their own. No one knows how. #
  • 03:41 @alittlethought A kiwi, eh? Glad to meet someone as fruity as me. :-D #
  • 03:42 RT @jasonrobertshaw: Isn't the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" basically an oil spill too, albeit in a different molecular form? #
  • 03:43 @paper_hand They have so many because they're celebrating their freedom! #
  • 03:46 !@jephjacques If @marigoldfarmer were real, I would ask her to be my girlfriend. #
  • 03:47 LOL! RT @simim Splice was the best pr0n ever. #
  • 03:48 !@simim I have a friend who really does think Splice is porn. Porn for him, anyway. :-) #
  • 03:49 RT @comedybot A conclusion is the place where you got tired of thinking. -Steven Wright ☺ #
  • 03:51 It's annoying, but I think I'll have to look into upgrading my laptop's RAM again. :-/ #
  • 03:52 RT @funnyhumour ..Little Jimmy says to mum, "when l grow up l want to be a man!" Mum says "Don't be silly, you can't do both!" #
  • 03:53 @alittlethought LOL #
  • 03:54 @paper_hand I think so too. But we'd have an odd relationship, she always on WoW, me always on SFC. :-) #
  • 04:06 Sun-dried tomato turkey is delicious! #
  • 04:07 RT @drjon QotD: "i'm not the girl your mom warned you about; her imagination was never this good." #
  • 04:13 @paper_hand Those naughty kiwis, trying to blame us for calling those fruits kiwis! CONSPIRACY!!! #
  • 04:16 Ah, the joys of getting used to a different OS. I keep forgetting "quit" is NOT under "file" on Apple computers. #
  • 04:22 LOL! Hilarious Japanese song lyrics translation! via @alittlethought #
  • 04:22 @paper_hand They're like Mork of Mork and Mindy fame! #
  • 04:25 @drjon big scary dinosaurs become... birds. And the big scary moa bird becomes... a kiwi. #
  • 04:26 I love it when three or four of my friends who all follow each other have involved discussions on Twitter. :-D #
  • 04:27 Talk of New Zealanders becomes a talk about kiwifruit name origin, then kiwi birds, then moas, then dinosaurs. :-D #
  • 04:37 With the browser upgrades, 384 megs of RAM is no longer sufficient. Twitter on web was slow b4, even worse now. #
  • 04:38 At one point it took almost a whole minute to type one single space. A MINUTE. To type one. frakking. space. #
  • 04:39 Well, upgrades to both OS and the browsers. #
  • 04:41 Ironically, Twitterrific - which froze up before login (and never worked) on my PC - is faster on the laptop than Twitter on the web. #
  • 04:42 @alittlethought Sounds like the problem I've been having. Starts out ok, gets progressively slower till I could write a novel as I wait. #
  • 04:43 I was very pleased earlier to find Gardetto's in bulk at WinCo. Yummy rye chips! :-D #
  • 04:48 @alittlethought So its maths are needing tutoring? :-D #
  • 04:49 Microsoft didn't always make crappy OSes: #
  • 04:50 Brooke had a PC running OS/2 back in the day. Once, a program crashed and burned catastrophically. Windows would have BSOD'd. (2b cont) #
  • 04:51 (cont) OS/2 didn't. Brooke just closed the window. Problem solved. #
  • 04:52 On OS/2, programs had their own RAM in such a way that the catastrophic failure of 1 program didn't take the whole PC with it. #
  • 04:53 @RobertMoranLA Maybe if you got off the computer/phone/whatever. :-D #
  • 04:54 Why can't Microsoft make a modern version of OS/2? Or some other program that actually frakking WORKS. #
  • 05:00 @RobertMoranLA :-P :-) #
  • 06:05 LOL & :-( at the same time: #
  • 06:06 RT @DamnItsTrue: You hate when skinny girls complain about being fat. #DamnItsTrue #
  • 06:10 RT @panotes That's just [sic] | — funny (if not necessarily "passive-ag.. #
  • 06:13 LOL Oil Spill #
  • 06:16 LOL! #
  • 06:17 BWAH HA HA HA HA!!! #
  • 06:23 I was never afraid of the dark as a child. Maybe because I had monsters inside of me to protect me. :-D #
  • 06:24 Last tweet inspired this: Chuck Norris wasn't scared of monsters as a child, monsters were scared of Chuck Norris. (Still are) #
  • 06:25 @drjon Catching up. #
  • 06:26 Dis tired bebe go sleepybye now. #
  • 06:27 *sigh* as soon as Opera finishes synchronizing... #
  • 06:29 Oh fuck it, this is going to take forever and a century. *exit* #
  • 06:43 The most well-oiled machine in the world won't run if its design is flawed. #memebomb #

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