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Good news/bad news game

Good news: a rich person is going to give you 1 BILLION dollars.

Bad news: he wants everything you own in exchange. EVERYTHING. Every book, DVD, computer, disk, piece of clothing, toy, sex toy, gift, *everything*. (Except sensitive papers and garbage.) With no chance of buying any of it back from him. You get to keep any data on your computer, but all else will be his, and you get 1 billion dollars American in exchange.

(Whoa, deja vu all over the place!)

Me, I don't know if I could part with Buddy, Dakota Bear, and Patch Cat. It'd be like selling members of my family. Well, the ones I like anyway (I wouldn't mind selling Aunt Barb or Uncle Butch, if only twere legal).
Tags: good news/bad news, meme
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