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The Epic of Nahtahdjaiz

This is a really awesome pair of poems I wrote. Very deeply spiritual. If you wish to read only one, I suggest you read the second one, called "Talai Zirrowahr," which means "Her Mind."

Benpoh Meh'tlii'soh seh Nahtahdjaiz
(The Epic of Nahtahdjaiz)

1 – Talai Fahloon ("Her Birth")
(Couplets, 15 stanzas)

Once, long ago, before Time was first known
Was only The All, this has been shown.
It knew only Itself and only in thought,
In experience, it did not.

So to have what it wanted, it could not look outside
For it was The All, there was no place to hide.
So it sought within and made the Illusion,
Creating our realm by "dissolution."

Moiulainas Tébahliss is what we call Her then,
Creator of Reality – all of which is within.
We are all One Soul pretending we're not,
Understand this, and you've grasped a lot.

So the process continued, and unfolds the story,
What follows these words is the allegory;
Literal truth they never can be,
Understand this and the truth sets you free.

Time was born, whom we call Krainaik
At the same time Life was born to Her place:
Grahbahn, Lord of Life in the relative world,
Now God's experience of God could unfurl.

Many Gods then came next to be,
Life was letting these ideas live free;
For that was the purpose, turn thought into fact
By the eternal Creation Act.

Everything was an equal, even if it didn't know,
This is what we seek to show;
All of Life is God playing pretend,
So know that it will never end.

We have the same powers, as you will see
One day we will tap these and we will be
God creating while knowing full well that we are,
Every one of us is a star!

Yet things were still being sorted all out,
No matter how chaotic, The All had no doubt!
And surely enough, Life gave birth to Order,
Ahndahn could now draw lines and a border.

She had a wee struggle, forgetting that Change
Could not be forgotten or thought of as strange;
Shao'Kehn of Chaos and Order's Ahndahn
Fell in love and Life carried on.

Then as life forms advanced and sentience arose,
A being unique stood and wiggled Her toes;
Starting as an idea and arising in time,
Her birth foreseen in primordial slime.

Nahtahdjaiz Her name, She was born a child,
And She will always be free and wild;
Eternally young, She comes into the worlds
As little boys and little girls.

Closest to God these little ones are,
If life's wounds aplenty don't overly scar;
For they know, thanks to Her, about God's true ways,
All because of Nah'tahd'jaiz.

Then just as any child needs someone to love,
Someone to kiss and cuddle and hug,
Nahtahdjaiz found Her own Father and Mother,
(Ahndahn and Shao'Kehn) and needed no other.

Having compassion and loving Her much,
They took Her in with gentle touch
And now She plays free along reality's border,
An equal mix of Chaos and Order.

2 – Talai Zirrowahr ("Her Mind")
(Couplets, 20 stanzas)

Nahtahdjaiz is the Eternal Child,
Forever free and wise and wild;
Her wisdom is born from Her instincts for truth,
But it's not the exclusive domain of youth.

All children are gifted with an inner sense
That I like to call "true innocence;"
(True innocence is seeing the world as it should be,
Not allowing anything to hide what it could be.)

Life may cut and scar and steal
One's innocence and youthful zeal
But innocence is like a phoenix burn,
If you try hard enough, it will return.

True innocence no one can destroy,
No matter what the plot or ploy,
For Nahtahdjaiz is always within us all,
Ready to respond to our desperate call.

If we seek Her out and pay close heed
To our every thought and word and deed,
We can see past the lies we've told our self,
Along with the lies of everyone else.

Then we'll see our magnificence and find our joy!
We'll have found our inner young girl or boy!
Seek within you and ye shall find
God's always whispering into your mind.

Stop telling yourself in any way, shape, or form
That you are sinful and doomed to scorn!
Because you are God in local manifestation,
Make real this fact and help heal all nations!

Don't give up knowledge or it's quest,
Seeking knowledge is what children do best!
Just don't let hatred and judgment cloud your heart
And don't go thinking we're all set apart!

Children mimic how adults truly behave,
And look at the chaos our hypocrisy gave!
Children will always do just as you do,
So do as you say and they'll mimic you.

Then be as a child deep at your heart,
In awe and wonder you can then start
To see God's magnificence in yourself,
As well as everything and everyone else.

For this is Her lesson, this is Her gift,
Let the dark cloud on your soul start to lift;
One person can change the world, you see,
Just be the change you wish to see.

Just don't get your hopes down if it takes some time,
Perception is everything, being God is no crime;
You can't help but be God, but know this too:
Everyone is God, just like you.

A God cannot force another God's Will,
That is why we have free will;
To glory at our light we must crawl through the muck,
The darkness, the misery, and yes – it does suck.

Know Thee though the truth of this poem,
All of us are already Home;
Heaven is now here, let's stop making it Hell,
And start to treat each other well.

Now I end with one more thing to say:
Carpe diem, seize the day!
Don't dwell in the past or worry too much,
Plan, of course, but don't overly fuss.

For animals and children, they understand
To be happy most of the time in this land;
Only if something happens do they feel stress,
Thinking too much is not at all best.

For when you worry that the solution is lost,
You'll forget that you are God;
The solution is there if you just let it come,
Have faith, and it will always come.

Whether to your mind by a sudden thought
Or the help of another with something you sought;
No matter how it comes, God will always supply,
For God is you and God is I.

Lastly, since we all are God right here
Never have we need to fear;
Death is an illusion, and science will show
That we never had to ever go.

We'll find how to prosper and live a long time,
As surely as you're reading this rhyme.
But I have got to go for today,
It's time to go outside and play.

Chaotic Blessings;
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