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Progressive sues children

Children Being Sued

On Wednesday a nine year old girl is expected to testify in a Spokane courtroom that she watched her Dad run down her step mother with a stolen car.

Progressive Insurance company is now suing the nine year old and her siblings in connection with the death. Progressive holds the policy on the van used to run down the girl's mother, Andrea Atkinson, back in 2004. The company worries it will have to pay out damages, so in an effort to save money it is suing the victim's children.

In the lawsuit Progressive claims Atkinson's murder was no accident. The company argues Atkinson deliberately and repeatedly ran over his wife. Their policy does not cover deliberate acts.

On Tuesday the insurance company's position was strengthened by eyewitness accounts. Neighbors testified Atkinson intentionally ran down his wife. They told the court Atkinson first disabled his wife's van and forced her to flee on foot. They went on to say that as Andrea Atkinson tried to usher her three children to safety, her husband hit her with his white van...


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