The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective (fayanora) wrote,
The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective


  • 20:33 LOL Kick-Ass #
  • 20:54 BWAH HA HA HA!!! #
  • 21:02 @alittlethought Unless something has changed, use her birth name on Facebook. #
  • 21:14 Darjeeling tea, yum! #
  • 22:57 A phrase I think needs to come back into common parlance is "the fuzz" to mean "the police." #
  • 22:58 @WTFSexFacts If you try all there is to try, sexually speaking, eventually you will get arrested. :-D #
  • 22:59 @alittlethought I usually just put ingredients in a closed box together and wait for them to breed something delicious. #
  • 23:00 #dontactlike you think "the fuzz" isn't a good synonym for "the police." #
  • 23:01 Hippy guy to hippy girl: "You ever been picked up by the fuzz?" Hippy girl: "No, but I'll bet it would hurt." #
  • 23:05 Awesome bookcase! #
  • 23:13 @alittlethought *blank stare* #
  • 23:24 LOL! WTF is with the news refusing to say the "ass" in Kick-Ass? #
  • 23:35 I would love to go to a Con dressed as one of The Gentlemen from Buffy. It'd be even cooler if I could find a way to appear to be floating. #
  • 01:27 RT @MikeMarinus: According to legend, the only way to appease the volcano in Iceland is to sacrifice Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber. #

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