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The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

Candy and a walk

I was at Winco earlier today, and they had bulk Easter candy on sale for 98 cents a pound. So I got a few pounds. Overheard a lady nearby telling her husband/boyfriend "No, it's Easter candy, we can't get *Easter* candy."And I'm thinking, Who cares? It's candy; what else matters?

Speaking of Winco, kengr and I went there together, taking a shortcut that was scenic and (due to the weather) difficult. But pretty, mostly. It went along a bike path, mostly. A large part of it went through the city-within-a-city called Maywood Park. A very pretty town, that. And apparently the neighborhood that became Maywood Park seceeded from Portland and became their own city so they could refuse to let the interstate go through their neighborhood; the path goes along the border between Maywood Park and the interstate, and does some turns and twists to avoid Maywood.

Oh, and along the path there was a "Giant Sequoia" tree. I have that in quotation marks only because it wasn't old enough to live up to its species name yet. Sure, it's pretty darn tall, but not as tall as it could be. Brooke (kengr) got some photos of it with her camera phone.

Anyway, the path we took was we walked along Cully till we got to Sandy, crossed the street, went a few more blocks, then turned onto the bike path. There were a couple straight bridges and one or two hills, but it was mostly okay. And there was a clear path the whole way there and back. And once we got to the end of the path, it was just a few blocks to Winco. I might take my bike along there sometime.

Even with the shortcut, the trip was a long one. I think we made a 10 mile round trip, at least. But it *was* shorter; to get to Winco from Brooke's otherwise would have meant going up 60th (which is an incline), past Sandy, down a steep hill to Halsey, then quite a long ways along Halsey, cross 82nd, find Halsey again and go along it even further (and there are about a dozen blocks along that part of Halsey that don't have a sidewalk or any kind of pedestrian path), up a steep hill to go over the interstate, past Carl's Junior, across the street, take a left, and several more blocks to Winco. Hell, even if the shortcut were longer, it would be worth it just to have a path the whole way. Plus, the hills are easier along the shortcut.

Oh, I also got some granola and some trail mix so I can have something to take with me to eat when I go out and about. I think I might get some beef jerky, too. I don't like teriaki flavor, but I liked the salt and pepper flavor I had today.

My feet were in a lot of pain when I got back, but they're fine now. Brooke's legs and feet both hurt her. And to add insult to injury, she dropped a can on her foot earlier.
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