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"Boys, I have a way we can make $7.25 profit off each individual sock!" "NO WAI!!!" "Yes way!"

I was sock-shopping at FredMeyer's today. Plain old single-colored socks. Best price was 6 pairs of socks for $11.99, which I thought was way high until I saw some of the other prices, like 6 pair for $15. Worst was *a single pair of socks* for $15! That's $7.50 for each sock, which is ridiculous considering the company probably spent 25 cents making the damn thing. They weren't even anything fancy like silk, either. Just cotton and/or polyester, as far as I could tell. Please tell me nobody actually pays that much for socks, please? Even 6 pair for $12 was too high for me. I ended up getting some at Winco, where I got eight pair for less than $10.
Tags: shopping, you're kidding right?
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