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Ica stones

I don't usually like Sylvia Browne's stuff, because she is obsessed with aliens. She doesn't admit that humans COULD have made the pyramids, though I agree with her that it could not have been done the way the scientists say it was.

But a few things she had in her book about mysteries has convinced me at last that human history is longer and far more interesting than we know of yet. I thought it had been... I've long believed that a highly technological society predating the Greeks was possible, given that technological civilizations are the easiest to wipe out and leave little trace of themselves left. Those two things are the Ica Stones and a story about a very complex astrological device found on an ancient Greek ship. I forgot the name of the latter item, I will look it up again later.
Anyway, the Ica stones are some stones found somewhere near where the Nazca lines are, in a cave, by a simple farmer. He sold one to the scientist who became obsessed with these stones. The carving on them has been proven to be very ancient, which is astounding considering what they depict. Some depict complex surgeries of the kinds done today (heart transplants, brain transplants, blood transfusions) in such detail that the simple farmer could not have done these carvings himself. The sheer number of these rocks also makes it impossible that he could have or would have carved them himself, though he changed his story to say that he had carved them when the government tried to arrest him for selling antiqities.
Other stones depict detailed images of dinosaurs and men riding on them, both on land and in the air. Others show flying crafts with people in them, and still others show people HUNTING dinosaurs.

It does make one wonder. There are several possibile explanations for these stones. One is that there was a technological society like our own way back then, but that many of the stones are fantasy. (Specifically, the ones containing dinosaurs.) Another possibility is that humankind goes back to the days of dinosaurs and just doesn't show up in the fossil records back then. Given the testimony of the Bible (the parts that have physical evidence to support them), I would guess we may have been very long lived back then. Not saying that the Bible is true, of course, just that maybe some of its myths are based on reality... it's possible some people from that ancient time survived.

Another possible explanation is that time travellers went back in time and did these things, then went forward either to their time (assuming they lived in the time of the Nazca lines) or made a stop at the Nazca lines' beginning to carve the stones. If they had gotten lost, perhaps, or stranded, they could have left the stones and possibly the lines behind as a sign to their brethren that they were lost. Maybe in a few hundred years we'll know what the stones mean, and will go back in time to collect the lost travellers.

Or maybe some Nazca had some incredibly accurate fantasies or dreams that just happened to come true?

At any rate, I don't think it was aliens. The odds of there being any other humanoid alien race in our galaxy or beyond are slim at best. The odds of us being from another planet, too, are slim. If we were, we'd have had to have made life on this planet. (Though I admit, if we had come from elsewhere, we might've tried Mars at first, been unsuccessful, and tried Earth instead, which would explain away THAT conundrum.) I've always been skeptical at best of "we were seeded by aliens" or "we ARE aliens" theories, though, because life had to start on its own SOMEWHERE. Why not here, in this solar system?

In all truth, I don't know what to believe, but I wish Sylvia Browne and her ilk would consider more possibilities than aliens. When you decide so firmly on one possibility like that, you lose any credibility you might have had. Scientists might actually help us study unusual things like the Ica stones if New Agers would be open to multiple possibilities. If we want scientists to open their mind to the paranormal, we have to be open to the possibility that there may be another explanation.

Pictures of these stones:

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