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Twitter soap opera!

@paper_hand (christinathena), @alittlethought, and I had an interesting conversation on Twitter. Parts of it will show up in my LoudTwitter shipment, but only parts. So here's the whole thing, courtesy of christinathena:

fayanora: Google gets hit with 3 anti-trust complaints. Not surprising, given that they've got their fingers in everything.
fayanora: Yes, Google even has its fingers in your girlfriend.
alittlethought: @Fayanora W00t! That means I *have* a girlfriend!
paper_hand: @alittlethought yes, you do! Me! ^_~
paper_hand: @alittlethought Oh, wait, I just remembered you were engaged to my sister ... Hmm ... Sounds like a Springer episode in the making [an earlier in-joke between them; the sister is fictitious, paper_hand doesn't actually have a sister]
fayanora: @paper_hand And it will turn out that your sister got pregnant from @alittlethought's dad, & will demand he pay child support.
fayanora: @paper_hand Then we find out a bombshell as @alittlethought reveals that she's really five midgets inside of a human-looking Muppet. (in reply to a tweet by paper_hand about the unfolding story)
paper_hand: @Fayanora And then suddenly you show up, after we'd all thought you were dead and reveal that she'd tried to kill you!
fayanora: @paper_hand But the joke was on her because she *really* killed my good twin (I'm the evil twin) Juanita, who just got back from France.
paper_hand: @Fayanora But then it turns out that the midgets-in-a-muppet were an imposter and the REAL @alittlethought is my daughter from the future!
fayanora: @paper_hand (Incest FTW!) At which point we discover by accident your secret shame: you're a secret Twilight fan!
Me: @Fayanora NOOO!!!! I thought no one would ever ... I mean, that's absurd! Twilight fan? Me?
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