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I read recently about a sleep schedule called Uberman. What you do is take 20 minute naps every 4 hours, and not much longer than that. They say that at first, you will feel like crap while you get adjusted to the schedule, but finally your brain gives up and goes with it, and instead of waiting to go into REM sleep (the kind of sleep that makes you feel rested and refreshed), it starts going straight into REM sleep. Most people on ordinary sleep schedules only get about an hour and a half of REM sleep each night. With Uberman, once you get used to it, you end up having 2 hours of REM sleep every day. You only get 2 hours of sleep, period, under this system, but it ends up being all REM sleep.

Since I sleep over 8 hours a night usually and almost never feel really rested, I'm considering trying this out. Especially since I have a tendency anyway of dreaming during naps, and almost never have a nap longer than 40 minutes. Also, it seems to me that cats already do something like this.
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