The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective (fayanora) wrote,
The Djao'Mor'Terra Collective

Icky dicky doodles

If you have a week stomach, don't watch this, just sign your name.

try and watch that video, and if you are against this, then add you name! (if you dont... YOUR ONE SICK BASTARD!!!)

1) Zach
2. cerena
3)dark dregan
4) lady malice
5)~.Set.~ = no fuckin words for what i would do to them assholes
8. Keisha [i couldn't watch more than a minute]
9. Mary - OMFG WTF? Keish u watched more than me
10. Kelly
11. Nate-really, don't watch made me pretty much physically sick....PETA is absolutely crazy, but that's a fucked up video.
12. Heather-Thats the most disturbing thing ive seen in awhile.
13. Alex Honey
14. Sara
15.John-- tear the skin off the fuckheads who are harming those poor animals!!! This is so disturbing to think that there are people like this in the world! It makes me literally sick!!!
16. Audrey-I couldn't even watch it, it mad me sick :(
17. Leo Lam - It made me cry, I could not stand it, those bastards need to die!!!!
18. Ripper - bastards are prob republicans too!!!
19.Candyman~this is some sick shit let me tell u!!!
20. Jon ~ {{{{Speechless}}}} and [[[[discusted]]]]
21.Caitlin~Could not even watch all of it had to stop after 30 seconds
22. *Shauna*-- DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO!! I couldn't even watch 2 seconds of it. I think I want to PUKE!
23. ~ Lo ~ I hope the bastards burn in hell!!!
24. Tender Heart Jer- these poor animals are still alive...
25. Tristan A. Arts - Some people are just fucking sick, sadistic little mother-fuckers.
Tags: for all to read, news
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